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Project Runway Recap: Spring Into Drama With He Said, She Said!

March 22, 2013 04:28 AM by Donna W. Martin

As we inch closer to the Project Runway finale, the designers are finding it increasingly harder to work in teams and still maintain their individual design aesthetic. And tonight’s episode was no exception! It was drama around every corner as the designers struggled to create ready-to-wear spring fashions for Lord & Taylor. Who zipped through the challenge? And who wilted under the pressure? Take the jump to find out!

The designers were challenged to create ready-to-wear spring 2013 garments for Lord & Taylor using their signature rose for inspiration. And there was a lot on the line for this challenge because the winning designer’s garment will be reproduced and sold starting on Mar. 21 in Lord & Taylor stores as well as on their website. Plus the winning garment will be displayed in the window of their Fifth Avenue store.

Team Shades of Grey still had four team members so the judges split them into two teams of two, Patricia and Stanley, and Daniel and Michelle. Team Slick and Hip stayed intact with three members, Layana, Richard, and Samantha.

The drama started as soon as the teams were announced. Stanley said he threw up in his gut when he was teamed with Patricia. And she said she was nervous about working with him because he like to take control.

Michelle was worried about working with Daniel saying even though his garments were sophisticated, they were dated. And Daniel said her garments fit loose compared to his but he felt confident they could bounce ideas off each other.

And we all knew the dynamic within Team Slick and Hip was going to be interesting especially following last week’s fallout. Layana said she wasn’t looking forward to working with Richard because he was bitter about last week and she didn’t trust him. Richard said Layana needed to play nice but Samantha decided to say nothing and stayed quiet.

Teams with two members were responsible for creating two looks and the team with three members was responsible for creating three looks. The designers had 30 minutes to meet in their teams and sketch (Richard completely ignored Layana) before going to Mood where they would have 30 minutes to shop and a budget of $75 per look.

Back in the workroom more drama erupted as Stanley tried to take control of his team and boss Patricia around. He even went so far as to talk to her like a five-year-old saying she needed to listen to him when they were having a discussion instead of getting defensive. Oh snap! While other designers would have exploded on him, Patricia decided her best defense was to grin, nod, and agree, for the most part, so he would go on and leave her alone.

But the drama didn’t stop there. Richard was straight out ignoring Layana at all costs. And Michelle was hating on Daniel’s pink fabric referring to it as “Barbie’s 16th Birthday Party pink.” But Daniel didn’t care; he made like a duck and let it roll off his back…for a minute.

Then Tim came in to check on their progress. He suggested Samantha make her dress a two-piece instead of one and she agreed. Then Tim made the mistake of asking Richard what he thought of Layana’s dress. Richard said he didn’t like the leather accents. And we all knew that wasn’t going to go over well with her. So she shot down his use of pink and said his dress lacked creativity.

Tim said Patricia’s design was looking a bit too expensive and questioned what was new about Stanley’s dress. It was clear they needed to rethink their designs. Then Tim moved on to Michelle and Daniel. Michelle didn’t like Daniel’s pink and said she wouldn’t wear the jacket and shorts. Tim agreed saying it wasn’t a sophisticated color. So Daniel decided to nix the jacket and shorts and go with a dress instead, but it nearly brought him to tears to deconstruct his jacket.

When it came to Michelle’s dress, Tim said it was fresh and joyous but the vest looked gloomy and apocalyptic. He suggested she go with the dress only.

After Tim left the workroom, Daniel and Michelle argued over whether she had said his garment should be designed for a 21-year-old. She denied making the reference and asked him what he was doing arguing with her. But all Daniel had to say was he liked to design clothes that made people happy and that he wasn’t going to let her bring him down.

Meanwhile, things with Patricia and Stanley had started to improve and he was loving her draping technique. But then time was up for the night…Phew! What a day!

The next day, Daniel and Michelle hugged it out but Patricia was questioning what he was thinking using hot bubblegum pink fabric. Any who…too late to worry about that now! The designers got busy finishing their garments but before they knew it, it was time to hit the runway.

After the show, Heidi told Patricia and Stanley that their scores were high enough to keep them in the competition and dismissed them from the runway. Michelle and Daniel were the winning team and Samantha, Richard, and Layana were the losing team.

After individual critiques and final deliberations, Heidi declared Michelle the challenge winner. Daniel and Layana were also safe, which left Richard and Samantha in the bottom two. Heidi told Richard the judges had seen this silhouette many times before and that he didn’t push himself in the challenge. Then she told Samantha her look was messy, unsophisticated, and not well thought out.

In the end, Richard was in and Samantha was out. And Layana wasn’t happy about it! She said it was definitely time for Richard to go home. It sounds like we’re in for another round of drama next week. Stay tuned for all the details!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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One Response to “Project Runway Recap: Spring Into Drama With He Said, She Said!”

  1. annie feckler Says:
    March 22nd, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    Richard should have gone last week with those horrible shirts. His dress this week was pretty but not much designed. I wanted to see more of Samantha who seems to do cute and unique but has to polish her work more.
    Is the short time limit making the designers go too safe or not able to make final adjustments that would make the designs polished beyond just finished or tacked together.


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