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The Amazing Race Recap: Bushmen Buddies

March 24, 2013 10:43 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

I don’t know how I’ll be able to continue watching this season of The Amazing Race, what with my favorite team (Dave and Connor) having voluntarily taken themselves out of the running. But the good news is, there’s plenty of juicy drama to keep the show exciting! Tonight, the two main alliances continue to bicker their way through

If you live on the East Coast or in the Midwest and missed out on The Amazing Race, you also missed out on a lot of confusion. The show was delayed due to the NCAA tournament, but hey, at least it wasn’t canceled outright!

If anything impacts viewership tonight, it will be less an effect of the changed time and more a result of anger surrounding last week’s episode. A number of viewers were offended by the inclusion of a scene in which the Communist Party of Vietnam performed for the contestants…plus, the less than respectful visit of a B-52 memorial site. Those who took issue with last week’s episode will be glad to know that the beginning of tonight’s show included an apology targeted at veterans and their loved ones.

But back to business. This week, the remaining contestants go on a safari of sorts, flying all the way from Hanoi to the landlocked nation of Botswana. First though, they need to figure out that Botswana actually is their destination, as they are only given the name of their target city — Maun — and not the country in which it is located. In order to enter the travel agency, racers must first figure out that Maun is in Botswana. There’s a lot of cheating involved in this little challenge, but it’s Wynnona and Chuck’s attempt that proves the most entertaining. After guessing Kenya, Wynona displays her geographical ignorance and guesses everything from Turkey to Paraguay. It’s obvious she’s going through a list of this season’s destinations, because after a ton of seemingly random guesses, she guesses Botswana.

The teams all end up on the same flight to Botswana, but once they make it there, they are separated onto four different safari flights. It’s a cool experience, obviously, but some racers have more fun than others. The first flight is a pleasant one, with flirtatious buddies Bates, Anthony, Caroline and Jennifer getting nice and cozy on the plane. On the other hand, flight number two with Max, Katie, Meghan and Joey is decidedly awkward, since the two teams clearly can’t stand each other.

The hockey/country singer alliance arrives at the Road Block first. They are required to solicit the help of bushmen in order to find scorpions. Along the way, Caroline and her bushmen buddies encounter a lion — except that Caroline doesn’t actually notice the lion and makes a bit of a fool when the guys climb in a tree to hide…and she compliments them for being good climbers! That being said, she does have plenty of experience with scorpions and isn’t afraid to dig with her hands if necessary. The same can’t be said for YouTuber Joey, who is absolutely terrified of scorpions. He starts to panic at the sight of the critter but ultimately manages to get it in the jar.

Once the teams have finished the Road Block, they are instructed to take their bushmen friends along for Fire or Fowl. In Fire they must use elephant dung to, well, make a fire.  For the Fowl challenge, they are required to help set up a trap in order to catch a local bird. Most of the teams decide that they prefer the fire option, but this challenge is a bit trickier than they expect. Bates and Anthony have the benefit of brawn on their side and end up finishing the challenge first…and arriving at the Pit Stop first!

Pam and Winnie have done their research (aka, watching lots of reality television) and know that starting a fire by hand is exceptionally difficult. So they make a wise choice and go for the Fowl option. Chuck and Wynona do the same, for Chuck figures it shouldn’t be that much different than  hunting back in Alabama. And he must be right, for as much as I make fun of this team’s inability to carry out the more academic challenges, I have to admit that Chuck sure can set up a great trap! Choosing Fowl before trying the fire is a winning tactic in this leg of the race, for Pam and Winnie arrive in second place and Chuck and Wynona are (gasp) third!

Soon, these two teams are followed by Caroline, Jennifer, Mona, Beth, Meghan and Joey, all of whom decide that creating fire is not in their immediate future. But Max and Katie are stubborn as usual and decide to stick it out a bit longer. Because, you know, that approach worked so well for Jessica and John. Finally, Max and Katie realize how much it would suck to end up like their enemies and decide to switch over to trap building. But while they were stubbornly trying to make a fire, the teams that switched earlier were already completing their traps. They’re lucky though, because it’s a non-elimination leg of the race.

Next week, the teams continue their African adventures. But their ability to avoid elimination will be completely dependent on how well they can control…donkeys!

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4 Responses to “The Amazing Race Recap: Bushmen Buddies”

  1. Jet Says:
    March 25th, 2013 at 8:35 am

    I love this show but I’m constantly reminded of how rude and condescending we are as a culture..it makes me ashamed to be an American!

  2. Esteban Says:
    March 25th, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    I don’t think you understand the callous insensitivity The Amazing Race showed to Vietnam Veterans and their families by including a roadblock in which young people extolled the Vietnamese Communist Party. There are almost as many dead American service men and women from the Vietnam War as the population of my home town. Ho Chi Minh is not some gentle grandfather figure but a mass murderer, instead. The B-52 crash memorial was even more revolting. As I stated on The Amazing Race’s web site, I was disappointed that the racers were more interested in winning $1,000,000 than they were in demonstrating their pride in being an American citizen. In my opinion, a patriotic American would have quit the game rather than take part in that Communist propaganda. I’m glad the producers through Phil apologized, but they took their sweet time about it.

  3. D.R. Says:
    March 26th, 2013 at 7:39 am

    I am actually glad not to see Dave and Connor anymore. They were nice people, but boring to watch. Hope You-Tubers go next, they are annoying and immature. I don’t think Joey was sooo afraid of scorpions (why not Meghan do the scorpion task instead?), he was just acting for the camera. In a weird and grotesque way, I must say.
    As for the controversy with B-52 and the Communist song…Well, I agree it was somewhat insensitive of CBS towards the veterans. But hardly more than that. The song actually was hilarious more than anything. People took the song way too seriously – lighten up and laugh, nobody tries to do a propaganda on you.

  4. BZ Says:
    April 11th, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    Disagreeing with D.R, I actually hope that Team Youtube wins, because I love Joey and Meghan and watch them on youtube, and to your comment about Joey overreacting, he wasn’t over reacting if you watch his youtube videos, the guy he was on amazing race is exactly the person he is in real life. I don’t think you should find them annoying or immature though, they seem like the only ones on the race who look like they’re having fun.


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