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Dance Moms Recap: Abby’s Gold Diggers

March 26, 2013 11:22 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

This week on Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller solicits extra help from professional dancer Rachelle Rak. The girls are hot off a victory over Cathy and her Candy Apples boys, but that doesn’t mean they can get comfortable — Abby Lee always wants more victories!

Abby may be happy that the ALDC beat out the Candy Apples with their incredible Rosa Parks dance, but that won’t stop her from doing the pyramid. Brooke is out of the dance this week, as she had a bit of a memory lapse during the last performance. Mackenzie is the second dancer on the bottom of the pyramid, because, well, cartwheels on an injured foot. But she appears to have learned her lesson….for now. Nia rounds out the bottom row, which doesn’t really make sense, as her beautiful portrayal of Rosa Parks helped the team capture first place. Chloe and Paige are next up, because they performed a great duet. And of course, that leaves Maddie at the tippy top of the pyramid for the millionth time. But given her stunning performance, she deserves it.

Chloe and Kendall are awarded solos, while Maddie and Mackenzie get to perform a duet together. Aw, sister duets are always the cutest at dance competitions. I’m fully expecting this one to include a crap ton of acro, just like every other dance featuring Mackenzie. The name of the dance is “Run From Mother,” but instead of being offended (as I’m sure the other moms would have been), Melissa just laughs.

The group dance this week is called “Gold Digger,” which, given the controversial nature of past Abby dances, shouldn’t be too surprising. The girls will be assisted by professional dancer Rachelle Rak, aka Sas. Rachelle is currently on tour with Flashdance and has some great choreography up her sleeve. But who knows if it will match up to Abby’s vision?

The moms sit upstairs and do their usual gossip routine while their daughters learn their new dance. And there’s a pretty juicy bit of gossip this week: Melissa got married! We all knew it was coming, seeing as she was busy trying on dresses in a previous episode. But she wanted to keep it small, which is why, of the Dance Moms crew, only Paige was allowed to attend, as best girl.

After showing off her moves (including a rather shaky front walkover), Rachelle completes the choreography and heads out. Abby asks the girls if they enjoyed having a guest choreographer, while the moms sit upstairs and criticize Abby taking Cathy’s lead and getting someone else to do the choreography. Of course, what they’re not showing here is the fact that quite a few of the dances featured on this show are not choreographed by Abby. It’s just not possible to choreograph and clean three or four new dances each week plus keep up with all the other dancers who aren’t featured on the show. Assistant Gia is responsible for a good chunk of the choreography, but she never gets the credit she deserves. All in the name of making the show seem just a bit less scripted.

Abby makes a few changes to Rachelle’s choreography, and while the show makes a big deal of this, it’s a pretty standard move in the competition dance circuit. Guest choreographers spend a limited amount of time with dancers and don’t always know exactly what will fit the dancers…so the teacher then makes a few changes so that the dance will be a better fit for his or her dancers. Choreographers understand this and expect it to happen. Of course, there’s respectfully making changes and then there’s completely revamping the entire dance…and it looks like Abby might be taking the latter route.

Having seen the trim figure of Rachelle Rak (who is roughly their age), the moms decide to head to Kelly’s house for weight loss wrap treatments. Each gets a different part of herself wrapped in hopes of achieving Rachelle’s slim look. Umm, Rachelle looks the way she does because she’s physically active for several hours every day. Maybe the moms should install a treadmill upstairs or something.

During practice with Chloe, Abby does her usual shouting and waving of the arms. She’s given Chloe a tough dance, in which she is required to do an arial (no-handed cartwheel) right out of a tough set of turns. Chloe stumbles and Abby freaks. And then you have the usual scene with Chloe crying to her mom and Christi reassuring her daughter that Abby’s just a big ‘ol meanie.

Competition time! After a round of bickering with Kendall and Jill, Abby forces Kendall to sit the wall. A mix of stamina-building (which is never an advisable pursuit right before you perform a dance) and punishment for her mom’s loud mouth. Eventually, Kendall is able to leave the wall and perform her dance. Not bad — it’s clear she’s been working on those facial expressions.

Maddie and Mackenzie’s duet is super cute, just as I expected. And as I expected, it’s mostly Maddie carrying the stylistic elements of the dance, with Mackenzie completing several acro moves. Chloe’s rocker chic dance is pretty cool too. Just more proof that Chloe is a super versatile dancer and that Abby doesn’t give her enough credit. Speaking of which, Abby is very unhappy when Chloe makes a rocker face as she exits the stage. Apparently, that was very “rude,” although I thought it was pretty darn cute and fit the dance well.

As the girls are preparing for the group dance, Rachelle arrives and learns that Abby’s made quite a few changes. She doesn’t understand why Abby would want to take Mackenzie out. Eventually, Abby decides to go with Rachelle’s version. The Fosse-inspired number looks great, although Abby continues to insist that it would have better without Mackenzie.

At awards, Kendall and Chloe both take high point awards, with Chloe coming in first! That’ll show Abby! Maddie and Mackenzie also take first place, and Melissa is ecstatic. Finally, the group proves that they can perform just fine with a guest choreographer, for they take first. Of course, Abby takes all the credit. Typical.

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