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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Hell Hath No Fury Like Gordon Ramsay Presented With Raw Chicken

March 26, 2013 07:39 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on  Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay had his fair share of yelling “get out,” and the puppet-master left before the day even started, followed by another completely disastrous dinner service. This week, one team managed to come together…a little, while the other fell apart!

Hell’s Kitchen was back tonight after Gina’s departure last week, and Christian getting the boot by Ramsay, with fans wondering why Ramsay held Jeremy back. Well, don’t get too excited. The only reason Gordon Ramsay held Jeremy back was to see if Jeremy had any fire left in him – in layman’s terms, he got a free pep talk. Can you say lucked out?

Gordon Ramsay also surprised us tonight with his edition of fighting childhood obesity – seems to be a trend this year, doesn’t it? Ramsay held a Hell’s Kitchen 3K to fight the epidemic. The challenge for the contestants? Cooking for all the hungry runners once they were finished. The even worse part for the contestants? Two of them had to participate in the marathon. It wasn’t so bad for Dan, who seemed to sprint through it with no problem. Mary, the butcher however, could barely keep up.

And it was the same ole, same ole, as the girls won the challenge of feeding their lunch diners before the boys. Girls got to go wine tasting, while the guys stayed behind and cleaned. Fun.

Dinner service was a game changer this week, though. The guys, who narrowly avoided beating the heck out of each at the start of the service, seemed to come together to form a real team. Even Jeremy found his voice and was able to get the rest of the guys to see that he was definitely in the game. The blue team did struggle with some fish issues, and you know, the usual uncooked risotto. But once they regrouped, they were able to pull off their very first successful dinner service – with no one getting tossed out of the kitchen!

On the red side, things did not go as well as the ladies had hoped. Danielle could not get the wellington done properly after numerous tries…come on, it’s wellington, how hard can it possibly be? But it wasn’t that she couldn’t do it that was so bad, it was the fact that she makes the same excuse week after week that leaves us wanting to punch her through the television. “I’m not used to a brigade kitchen.” Ugh. Just shut up already.

So, what could possibly be worse than Danielle’s wellington? Why, attempting to send out raw chicken, that’s what! Nothing grates on Gordon Ramsay more than raw chicken, hasn’t she watched this show in the past? “You could have killed someone,” Ramsay barked at Jacqueline, who sent up the pink chicken. Hell hath no fury like Gordon Ramsay getting raw chicken brought to him.

The red team lost dinner service, despite the fact that both teams completed service with no one getting kicked out. Bravo buffoons. And when it was time to vote on who to send packing, the red team nominated Danielle (for obvious reasons) and Jess (for no real reason). But Ramsay sent Jess back and asked that Mrs. Could Have Killed Someone step up to the plate with Danielle. Despite his fury over the raw chicken, Ramsay let it slide after ripping her a new one, well because, let’s face it – Danielle has NO fire at all. Goodbye Danielle!

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