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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Fall To Pieces

March 26, 2013 04:32 AM by Donna W. Martin

Emotions spiraled out of control on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle and Barbara were fighting, again! Things got physical between Kailyn and Javi but not in a good way. Chelsea found out Adam had a new girlfriend and later received a weird court-related letter from him. And Leah and Jeremy were unable to get a mortgage because they weren’t married, yet. Who worked things out? And who’s ready for war? Take the jump to find out!


Leah was happy that her and Jeremy’s engagement was back on but she felt overwhelmed trying to plan their wedding and look for a house at the same time. But her mom came to the rescue and found a wedding planner to help with all the details so Leah could focus on finding a home. Leah and Jeremy found a house they liked and went to the realtor’s office to put in an offer.

Ali’s therapists came out for a home visit and did a yearly assessment to discuss her progress and talk about areas where she still needed work. Overall, she did well. The goal was for Ali to be walking by the time she turns three and the therapists said it was a realistic goal as long as everyone works with her.

After the appointment, Leah called Corey and gave him the news. She told him he needed to be at some of the appointments so he can learn what to do when he has her for visitation.

Later, Corey had the girls so Jeremy and Leah went to the bank to see about getting a loan for the house. The bank told them it would be difficult to get a mortgage together because they weren’t married. Uh-oh…the wedding was still several months away. What to do?

Later, Jeremy suggested they go ahead and get married at the courthouse. That way everything would be legal and they could get the loan for the house. Then in June, they would have their formal wedding ceremony. Leah agreed.


Jenelle was back together with Gary but Kieffer had been texting her saying he was coming back down. Gary didn’t like that too much and said he needed to stay away from them.

Jenelle was back on the kick of ‘I have to get my life straight so I can see Jace.’ Same ole, same ole, right? We’ll see.

Either way, Barbara was glad that Jenelle and Gary were back together. They invited Barbara, her boyfriend, and Jace over for dinner. Unbelievably, things went well. Barbara even asked Jenelle to spend the night on Friday and watch Jace on Saturday because she had to work.

On Friday, Gary dropped Jenelle off at Barbara’s and he went to his parents’ house for the night. It didn’t take long for things to go south. Jace was whining for his bottle but Barbara couldn’t find it. She yelled at Jenelle to get off the phone and help her look for it. But Jenelle said no and that Jace didn’t need to be on a bottle. (Have to agree with Jenelle on that one!) Barbara continued to yell at Jenelle. She threatened to leave if Barbara didn’t stop.

Barbara asked Jenelle to give Jace a bath so she could look for the bottle. After she got Jace in the tub, Jenelle called Gary and told him she was about to leave because her mom was being a b*tch. He asked if he should come and stay with Jace but all Jenelle was concerned with was spending time with her friends. Or as Barbara put it, smoking weed.

Barbara overheard Jenelle telling Gary she wanted to spend a little time with her friends and she went off telling her she couldn’t because she had to babysit. Then she called Jenelle a b*tch and told her to go ahead and leave. “Go smoke some more weed,” Barbara yelled. Jenelle left and didn’t go back that night nor did she call Gary.

The next day, Jenelle was home. Barbara texted Gary and asked him to come get Jace so she could go to work. Gary took him to Jenelle’s house and played in the yard with a bicycle. Jenelle was surprised that Barbara let Gary have Jace.

Later that evening, Jenelle and Gary took Jace back to Barbara’s house. And guess what happened? The fighting started again! Barbara was still angry that Jenelle had left. She accused her of smoking weed instead of being responsible with Jace.

Gary whispered to Jenelle, “Just take it.” But there was no way that was going to happen. Jenelle got mad and stormed out. Gary told Barbara he’d talk to Jenelle. And encouraged her to call him if she needed anything. Phew!


Chelsea was moving right along in her beauty classes. Her first day working on the floor with real clients was coming up and she was nervous. But in the end, she did a good job and her customer was happy.

Although she didn’t want to stay in Sioux Falls, she found an apartment and moved while her mom watched Aubree.

Later, she met up with Meagan. She told Chelsea that Adam had a new girlfriend. Chelsea was a bit surprised because it had only been but a few weeks since they hooked up. And she thought it was bull if Adam tried to take Aubree around his new girlfriend.

Then, unexpectedly, Adam rolled up at Chelsea’s house on his motorcycle, stuffed something in her mailbox, and zoomed off. When she checked the mail, she found it, a court-related letter. She called her dad, Randy and they discussed seeing an attorney.

Chelsea was surprised and aggravated by the letter, but said if Adam wanted Aubree after three years, he’d have to fight her. She said, “I have my GED, I go to school, and I have a house.” And what does Adam have? Two DUI’s. This should be interesting. It sounds like Chelsea’s ready for war.


Kailyn and Javi were still trying to adjust to living together. And it had been hard, especially with two big dogs and a cat running through the house. Kailyn was stressed out!

The next day, she told Javi to put the dogs out because she had cleaned and had friends coming over. But he said no because there was a hole in the fence and they were staying in.

Kailyn’s friend and her daughter arrived. The dogs knocked the little girl down and Kailyn stormed upstairs to confront Javi. They argued about the dogs and Kailyn grabbed him by the head and shoved him. Kailyn stormed out of the room, but not before telling Javi she hated him. “And that’s why we’re f*cking breaking up,” he said.

Kailyn immediately tried to apologize but Javi was mad and hurt, and he didn’t want to hear it. She tried to explain that she had reacted in the heat of the moment, but Javi took it as an excuse telling her she shouldn’t have put her hands on him and that she needed to learn to control herself. She cried and asked him to talk to her but he packed a bag and left. Kailyn went downstairs and told her friends she was afraid they were breaking up.

Several hours later, Javi still had not returned. Kailyn was angry at herself for getting physical with him and decided it was time to take anger management classes (she was supposed to be taking these as well as co-parenting classes with Jo anyway).

She called Javi and asked him to come back so they could talk. When he got there, she apologized and told him she was going to take an anger management class. She asked him if he was willing to work with her. He said yes, and that as long as they showed each other love and respect, then their relationship was worth fighting for. He forgave her and told her he loved her.

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