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Survivor: Caramoan Recap — The Battle Between Phillip Sheppard & Corinne Kaplan Heats Up

March 27, 2013 06:15 PM by Ryan Haidet

If you thought Phillip Sheppard was finished feuding with his tribemates after Brandon Hantz had his epic meltdown on Survivor: Caramoan — Fans Vs. Favorites, think again.  The budding battle between the self-proclaimed special agent and Corinne Kaplan reached a whole new level.  After Matt was booted from the newly formed Bikal tribe, Corinne was hoping to protect Michael — whom she loves to refer to as “the gay” — and was considering booting off somebody from her own alliance to keep him around.  But Phillip wasn’t too thrilled that Corinne continued forming a closer bond with Michael, which is why he wanted to vote her out as soon as possible.  As Phillip continued bragging about his personal strength and abilities, Corinne found herself increasingly frustrated, even calling him a “tubby lunchbox” at one point.  Were they able to see beyond their differences and hold their four-way alliance strong?

Phillip’s Fictitious Strength

The Reward challenge brought the return of one of my favorite battles the show has ever created since it first debuted in Survivor: Palau (season 10).  The castaways were attached to one of their tribemates and given a bag of weight to carry along a watery course.  The goal?  Racing in a single line together (see the picture below), the tribes had to rush as quickly as possible around the oval course to catch the other tribe.

After bragging about his strength — even beating Cochran in an arm-wrestling duel back at Bikal camp (impressive, huh?) — Phillip demanded he run in the front of his tribe’s line because he would be the best person to lead them along the path.  But as soon as the challenge began, Phillip repeatedly ordered his tribemates to walk instead of run.  At first, he claimed that walking would work best because Gota’s gals would tire out after running so much at the start of the challenge.  But as the competition progressed, Phillip admitted that he couldn’t run.  His weakness resulted in Bikal’s loss when Gota easily caught up to them and won Reward, which included a trip to a nearby island with a coffee bar featuring cookies, croissants and brownies.  Hilariously, Dawn didn’t let Bikal’s loss be a downer as she declared, “That’s a diarrhea fest.”

Physically Fit Foursome

After indulging in their Reward, Malcolm, sensing a merge (which arrives in next week’s episode), put a new plan into motion.  Believing that the four alpha males — himself, Eddie, Reynold and Erik — would be the first targets post-merge, he wanted to spearhead an alliance with each of them.  Reynold was immediately on board with the alliance and told Malcolm he had found a hidden Immunity Idol to prove his trust.  We didn’t see Malcolm approach Eddie or Erik with his pitch, but this could be one hell of an alliance if they can stick together.

“Tubby Lunchbox”

At Bikal, Corinne was fully prepared to blame the entire Reward challenge loss on Phillip, calling him a “tubby lunchbox” and a loose “10 pounds of potatoes in a five-pound sack.”  She was definitely ready to vote Phillip out of the game.

Meanwhile, Phillip grew closer to Juliaand basically told her to follow his lead and do as he says.  During a discussion with Dawn, Julia dished the dirt about Phillip’s proposed plan.  Dawn, despite promising not to tell anybody anything, rushed to Phillip and told him everything they just discussed.  That was it for Phillip.  He was done with Julia and was prepared to vote her out of the game ASAP because he felt this was proof that she couldn’t be trusted.

Although the Immunity challenge was a much closer battle, Bikal — not surprisingly — still lost and were forced with facing Tribal Council.  Once they arrived back at camp, Phillip ushered Cochran to the side to make a confession.  Phillip pulled some bullshit by telling Cochran that he purposely lost the Immunity challenge so they could go to Tribal Council to eliminate one of the Fans.  Of course, Cochran mocked the concept in confessional while saying Phillip was so delusional that he probably truly believed he threw the challenge.  It was ridiculous — especially considering Phillip later admitted during Tribal Council that he lost the Immunity challenge because he was likely tired out.

Voting Dispute

As Corinne, Phillip, Dawn and Cochran were chatting strategy in the shelter prior to Tribal Council, a dispute broke out about splitting the vote.  Everybody — except for Corinne — wanted to split the ballots between Michael and Julia.  She felt like it made no sense to vote against Michael for any reason because she wanted to keep him around for his strength as long as possible.  Plus, she’s been very open about how much she likes him.  Phillip, who was fed up with the idea, told Dawn and Cochran they needed to vote like “BR” — Boston Rob Mariano — would by getting Michael out of the game.

When the votes were tallied, it was a tie as three votes fell against Michael and three fell against Michael.  A revote (#revote, seriously?!?!) was held without Michael or Julia being able to vote.  This second vote was far much more decisive as every ballot had Julia’s name plastered on it.  With that, her torch was snuffed out and her vanilla, bland, boring booty was sent packing.  Thankfully!  This chick offered zero impact to this season.  Buh-bye.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode?  Were you surprised Julia was voted out?  Who is your favorite castaway thus far?  What is your overall impression of the Fans on this season?  With the merge coming in next week’s episode, which player do you think is most in jeopardy?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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