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The Face Recap: Finding The Face – The Finale

March 27, 2013 04:40 AM by Donna W. Martin

Tuesday night’s episode of The Face was the much-anticipated season finale! And the final four models, Devyn, Ebony, Zi Lin, and Margaux didn’t disappoint as they duked it out to see who would become The Face of Ulta Beauty. Who took it all the way and won the competition? Take the leap to find out!

The finale consisted of three challenges, all of which would be judged by Ulta Beauty’s Director of Public Relations and Director of Trend Development. One, the four remaining models would go to an Ulta Beauty store and be judged on how they interacted with customers on the sales floor. Two, they would have their final photo shoot after which one model would be eliminated from the competition. Then the three remaining models would hit the runway for a Zac Posen fashion show alongside the three supermodel coaches, Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova, and Coco Rocha.

But there was trouble in the air even before the challenges began. After Nigel told the four models that only three of them would walk in the runway show, Devyn found it hard to breath and had an all out panic attack. She walked away and sat down to collect herself. After taking a short break to hug it out and cry on Nigel’s shoulder, she was good to go.

Challenge One – Ulta Beauty Store

Then they were off to the Ulta Beauty store where they received a crash course on the product line before hitting the sales floor to mingle with customers and answer their questions about the products.

Devyn did more of a “show and tell” routine than creating an experience for the customer. Ebony did good and engaged the customer she spoke with. Zi Lin’s speech issues were prominent but Ulta Beauty exec, Carrie was confident she could overcome it by being kind and engaging. But Margaux made a fatal error. When a customer asked what the Ulta Beauty makeup brushes were made of, Margaux quickly said, “I don’t know.” However, Carrie would rather she had said, I’m not sure or I can find out for you.

Challenge Two – Photo Shoot

Overall, all four of the models did a good job during their individual photo shoots. Carrie said Ebony had a very casual girl next-door look. Margaux had an incredible connection with the camera and her gaze was shocking. Zi Lin was stunning and very versatile. And Devyn was incredibly striking and blew them away.

After the photo shoots were over, Nigel announced which three models would move on to the runway show. Zi Lin from Team Naomi was called first, then Devyn from Team Karolina, and last but not least, Margaux from Team Coco, which meant Ebony, also from Team Karolina, was out of the competition.

It was a tearful goodbye for Ebony, but she was thankful for the experience saying she now had the confidence she had never had before and that she was ready to go forward and create a life for her children that she didn’t have.

Challenge Three – Zac Posen Runway Show

Then it was time for the final challenge, the Zac Posen Runway Show! The supermodel coaches took the runway first to show them how it was done, Karolina, followed by Coco, and then Naomi. And then the girls were up. Devyn came out first and she owned it! Carrie said she looked fantastic and graceful, and had the attitude to match.

Eight-year veteran model, Margaux was up next. And although she did a good job, Carrie said she wanted her shoulders back a bit and Nigel said she needed to relax her mouth a little.

Last out was Zi Lin. As she walked, Naomi complained about her shoulders but she got better as she went on. Carrie said she liked that Zi Lin smiled as she made her turn.

The models and their supermodel coaches made one final pass and then the show was over.

Decision Time

The models were called back to the runway to hear the decision. “We chose the model that was warm, engaging, had a big smile, had an exotic quality, and was confident and beautiful,” Carrie said. Then Nigel declared Devyn the winner and The Face of Ulta Beauty.

Devyn was overwhelmed with joy. She jumped and cried saying she was so happy and looked forward to doing what she loved while getting paid to do it. But Devyn wasn’t the only one who shed some tears. Her coach Karolina couldn’t contain herself and cried saying she was so proud of Devyn. “The mommies won,” she said.

Congratulations Devyn!

Margaux and Zi Lin were of course, upset by the decision. Margaux said she was really sad but the experience was priceless. And Zi Lin said she was sad and disappointed but felt lucky to be coached by Naomi. We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of Margaux, Zi Lin, or Ebony. Good luck ladies!

What did you think of The Face finale? Were you surprised that Devyn won? Did your favorite win? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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