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The Voice’s Josiah Hawley, Cathia, Midas Whale, And Tawnya Reynolds Dish On Their Experience

March 27, 2013 04:14 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on The Voice we watched more talented singers take the stage, all turning down Blake Shelton. Today, Josiah Hawley, Midas Whale, Cathia and Tawnya Reynolds spoke with the media about their experience thus far on the show…and…American Idol?

Last night on The Voice, we watched the talent of Josiah Hawley, Cathia, Midas Whale (Jon Lewis, Ryan was not available), and Tawyna Reynolds unfold on stage. Today, these four talented artists took some out of their busy scheduled to chat with the press about the show Рand for one contestant, his past on American Idol. Check out the interview highlights below!

Josiah Hawley on why he chose Usher even though he sang Adam’s song:
I had originally planned to choose Adam, that is why I sang a Maroon 5 song. But then I realized that Usher was the way to go. I was sure that I was going to go for Adam, and then they starting talking. After listening to him talk, I knew I was crazy if I didn’t chose Usher. I went with my gut at the moment.

Josiah on his future career:
As I said, it’s all about the music career. That has always been the goal – to have that be the main thing for me. This is the next step, regardless of how it goes. Whether I win, or whether I get booted off the next time I’m on stage, this is the next step to get me out there in front of millions of people. This will get me going in my music career.

Jon Lewis on Midas Whale’s pressure as a duo:
To be honest, I am definitely feeling the pressure a little bit. I wasn’t at first. Being a duo is an asset, but I also think there is a mindset among the coaches that they haven’t had any duos progress very far. I do feel that pressure a little bit.

Whether or not Midas Whale was always into Folk music:
You know we actually haven’t done much as a duo before this, to be honest with you. We met a few years ago and Ryan wrote a Folk Rock Opera, and he and I have been working on that together. He and I have both worked on Folk individually.

And then the questions shifted to American Idol, as the media learned that Jon had actually made it into the top 8 of season 3 on American Idol. Yep, we thought he looked familiar!

On why Jon chose to pursue The Voice after already having been on Idol:
I think as a musician, you try to pursue every avenue in front of you. Some friends of mine had been saying that I should go on the show. At first I was hesitant because of my history with American Idol. But when I found out that they allowed a duo, I thought that would be interesting and cool to do.

Why he did not mention American Idol last night:
The decision to not air anything about my American Idol past…I don’t make the editing choices for the show, whether or not Idol is mentioned is not up to me.

The difference between The Voice and American Idol to Jon Lewis:
To tell you the truth, so far what I love about The Voice is the way they treat their contestants. You don’t have to stress out about getting in front of a judge on stage that may ridicule you in front of millions. It’s just a very different atmosphere.

Ouch! However, Jon did go on to say:
Something my experience with American Idol taught me is that it’s a phenomenal platform, and a great way to get yourself out there.

What Jon would like Midas Whale to accomplish this time around:
To win. I mean, I would love to accomplish that. Aside from that, this being a different project and not all about me. It’s a duo, it’s about getting a new project, and getting us some recognition and exposure.

Tawnya Reynolds on having all three judges turn for her, except Blake Shelton:
It was unexpected, definitely not a scenario that once played out in my mind. I thought that if anyone would turn around, it would be Blake. It wasn’t even in my mind that he wouldn’t. And then the absolute opposite happened.

Why Tawnya chose Shakira:
First I thought I was going to go with Adam. And then Shakira opened her mouth, and she was so passionate. There was something pulling me to her. I really think we may have shocked a few people by her picking me and me picking her – it’s a very unlikely pairing. It’s going to be one that will be very fun to watch. If I was with Blake, it would have been the typical country artist. This will put a different take on what I do.

There is no one bigger than Shakira. She is a world wide artist, has more fans than anyone can count, and she knows exactly what she’s doing. We will show people that Country can be bigger than Nashville. It will be really cool to add her flavor to what I can do, and see where we can go with that.

Why she did not choose Usher after all Blake’s pleas:
Usher…He really didn’t have a lot of input. He turned around really late, and I figured that Blake urged him to, and that wouldn’t be the right reason to. He didn’t seem that interested in working with a country artist. It didn’t feel right – it didn’t feel like something he was that into.

Tawnya on whether or not she thinks a Country artist can win The Voice this season:
I absolutely do. Why not? This is a platform that showcases real raw and true talent. This can give me that opportunity, and I don’t see why any Country artist can’t do that. It’s there for the taking.

Cathia on who she is as a performer:
As a performer, I try to go with what feels natural to me. I smile a lot, and I am a positive person who wants to pass that on to everyone. That is why I picked Shakira, I know she can help me with my stage presence.

Whether or not Cathia will continue to sing in Spanish:
I’ve thought a lot about that. I feel like I want to interchange with different markets, like the American market and the Spanish market. The next step for me would be to sing in English and show people that I can sing in English. I will decide that as I go along further in the show.

What did you think of the season four premiere of The Voice? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear it! Comment below to share your thoughts with us.

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