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Project Runway Recap: The Art Of Fashion

March 29, 2013 05:10 AM by Donna W. Martin

On Thursday night’s episode of Project Runway, the remaining six designers worked in three teams of two. They were challenged to create two looks per team. And there was an added incentive because this week was the HP Intel prize challenge. The winner was awarded $10,000 cash and an HP ENVY X2. Who worked together and got it done? Who won the prize package? And who struggled and was sent home? Take the leap to find out.

For this week’s challenge, the designers were paired in new teams, Stanley and Michelle, Patricia and Richard, and Layana and Daniel. Layana was the only one that had a problem with her partner. She said she believed it was Daniel’s time to go home and she would have to carry their team through the challenge. What a drama queen!

The designers met Tim at the Guggenheim Museum where he explained the challenge. Using the museum and its contents for inspiration, each team was responsible for designing two wearable art looks, avant-garde and ready to wear. Plus they would create their own textile this week with the help of HP pattern making software.

The designers had 30 minutes to explore the museum and sketch their designs. Back in the workroom, they created their textiles and sent them out to Dynamics for production. Then they were off to Mood to purchase supplemental fabric using a budget of $200 per team.

Back in the workroom, Layana was too controlling and Daniel pushed to have a voice. Patricia and Richard struggled when their aesthetics mixed like oil and water. Richard decided to wait for Patricia to design her look so he could draw inspiration from her garment and create his. In the meantime, he worked on a bracelet, which annoyed Patricia. She feared he would create a leather bejeweled disaster.

The next day, when the designers returned to the workroom, their new textiles were ready and waiting. Despite Daniel’s plea for fabric, Layana hogged nearly all of it leaving him with less than a yard to construct a skirt. But he stayed positive saying he’d have to make it happen and quickly got to work while Layana struggled with the shape of her avant-garde look. Daniel thought she had bitten off too much and was not focused.

Patricia’s design ended up not inspiring Richard at all so he decided to create a shirt using the textile and a pleated skirt from a white supplemental fabric.

Tim came in to check on everyone’s progress. He said he was unsure about Stanley and Michelle’s print at first, but after seeing their designs, he 1000% believed in it. Not to mention the train on Michelle’s coat gave him the chills.

He told Patricia it looked like there was a lot going on in her garment and she should let it go and let it flow. Then he chastised Richard because he didn’t have much accomplished other than a bracelet. He worried Richard may have been setting Patricia up but Richard said he wasn’t. Regardless, they needed a make it work moment and get something ready to walk down the runway.

Tim liked Daniel’s jacket and skirt but said Layana’s design was a 12 on a scale of 1 to 100, it simply wasn’t working. This, of course, sent her into drama queen mode and she cried saying it was hard for her. Hello, it’s hard for everyone, Layana! Daniel talked to her and was eventually able to pull her out of the doom and gloom and she got back to work.

Meanwhile, Richard was about to freak out saying he needed an oxygen break because he couldn’t believe he had given Patricia control. She said she would lose her mind if she went home on a textile challenge.

The next day, Stanley and Michelle arrived to find a problem, wet paint. The painted bubble wrap in their avant-garde look was still wet. They spent time wiping off excess paint so it would have time to dry.

Richard struggled to pull his pleated skirt together but the back just wasn’t working. Patricia said it looked awkward. But there was no time to fix it or start over because it was runway time.

After the show, Heidi told the designers she was impressed with their designs. Then it was time for critiques. The judges loved Michelle and Stanley’s print saying the look was perfection and the two garments were beautifully paired.

They said they could see Richard and Patricia’s struggle. Richard’s pleats seemed to fight each other and Patricia’s garment looked like a circus awning. Ouch!

Heidi said Daniel’s look was amazing and her favorite of all the designs. Nina agreed saying it was sleek, modern, and sexy. But Layana didn’t fare so well. The judges said her dress was a hodge podge and looked like a period piece comparing it to a southern bell or the Kentucky Derby.

In the lounge, Layana cried on Michelle’s shoulder because the judges liked Daniel’s design better than hers and she tried to take credit for his work. She told him she felt so betrayed by him. Betrayed? Really? Get over yourself, Layana. You were just afraid Daniel would win the $10,000.

The judges called the designers back to the runway and Heidi declared Stanley and Michelle the winning team. Stanley won the challenge and the prize package. Layana and Daniel were safe leaving Patricia and Richard as the losing team.

Heidi told them there was no cohesion between their garments and it was easy to tell they didn’t work well together. Patricia burst out crying fearing Richard had indeed set her up and she may go home. But that’s not how it went down. Heidi told Patricia she was safe and Richard he was out.

What did you think of Thursday’s episode of Project Runway? Whose design was your favorite? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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3 Responses to “Project Runway Recap: The Art Of Fashion”

  1. annie feckler Says:
    March 29th, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    I was worried that Richard would not go home. The judges thought Patricia had tried to set Richard up instead of knowing that he put little or no effort into his outfit. Can the judges see what went on in the workroom prerunway or are they judging only what they see? Richard seemed to be overwhelmed by the idea of having to create under pressure.

  2. m Says:
    March 30th, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Layana is such a cry baby. She is not a good team player at all. Daniel is a class act – agentleman AND an exellent designer.

  3. Sireno Says:
    April 1st, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    I was glad that the judges called out Layana on her arrogance, saying “she thinks she’s the cat’s meow.” If only they had said that to her face. Layana is deceitful and conniving. She wants all the control but none of the responsibility when she does a crappy job. That’s when she starts passing out the blame and takng credit for the work of others. And her crying! Just part of her manipulative act – perhaps also a sign of her immaturity. She will be eliminated.


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