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Wife Swap Recap: The Bible Versus Beliefs

March 29, 2013 05:50 AM by Megan Thompson

Wife Swap is all new tonight on ABC.  This week a conservative Christian is swapping households with a woman who is married, but also has a girlfriend. If you thought last week’s episode with Big Juicy was good – this episode is c-r-a-z-y! Plus, there is a Wife Swap first in this episode that you don’t want to miss!

First we meet Gina Loudon who is a gun carrying, bible reading tea party activist. She is married to a former Senator and has five children. She is very outspoken about her political and Christian views. So who could Wife Swap possibly find that is the polar opposite of Gina?  They pull a homerun when they find Angela, her husband and their girlfriend – yes a polyamorous relationship. 

Both wives pack their bags and head to their new homes for two weeks.  Angela is stoked to find out that she will be living on the beach, while Gina is dreading the cold NY weather. “I’m utterly confused about the family situation,” Gina tells the cameras after looking at the family’s photos.  She can’t figure out if Ashley is an older daughter or if there are two families living in the house.  But Angela is quickly learning that the Loudon household is Republican and Christian by the items she is finding.

The ladies now sit down to read their new family manuals.  “I’m trying to wrap my brain around this one,” Gina says when she finds out that Ashley is the 23 year old girlfriend.  While Gina is reading about sharing a bed with a girlfriend, Angela is reading about family Bible study time.  This is when the women are interrupted by the families coming home.  Right away, Angela shares with the Loudon family that she lives a polyamorous  lifestyle.  “Kids you’re getting a lesson,” John tells his kids.  While  John tries to explain to the kids what polyamorous means, Gina is meeting her new family.  Chris shares that Ashley came to a party at the house, got drunk, stayed the night and never left.  How romantic!

As Chris sits and watches wrestling on TV, Gina is grossed out by cooking an unhealthy dinner of Hamburger Helper.  To prove that three isn’t a crowd, Chris and Angela take Gina out for some drinks.  They hoped that the drinks would loosen her up, but she immediately starts rattling off her political views. “Obama really is a communist, gay population is much sicker than the straight population,” Gina tells the couple.  The next day, Chris decides to do some online research on his new wife.  He quickly stumbles on Gina’s political website and reads her views on gay marriage.  While preparing t-shirts for his upcoming wrestling match, Chris confronts Gina about her views on gay marriage.  “You don’t feel a man should be able to marry two women?” Chris asks Gina.  Gina stands by the law, not how she really feels which infuriates Chris. Gina shuts down the conversation by saying she has done nothing but love his family, so she is done.

Back in California, Angela is shooting guns and helping the oldest daughter film a segment for her political website.  The next morning, Chris takes the family on the deck for a Bible reading.  But Angela quickly takes offense to one of the proverbs she thinks is directed towards her. 

It’s time for the new wives to change the rules!  Gina is removing all the TVs and unhealthy food from the house.  She also wants the family to participate in Bible study and learn the Bill Of Rights. But Gina’s last rule causes the family to break out in tears and refuse to cooperate.  Gina wants Ashley out of the house! “Ashley I want you to go find your dreams and not be trapped here,” Gina tells the family. Ashley refuses to leave, but says she will abide by the other rules.

Angela is laying down the new laws in the Loudon household. She wants the political and religion talk to come to a complete halt. Anyone found guilty of breaking the rule will need to put money in a jar that will go to a local Gay and Lesbian help center.  The other rules are eating junk food and doing more fun activities.

John is quickly filling up the no political talk jar, so Angela want to take him out for a “non-judgmental” night out on the town. Right away, John quickly annoys Angela by his remarks.  So much for the non- judgmental night. But Angela seems to be getting along great with the kids, enjoying skateboarding and art lessons. All is going well until John slips a $250 check into the jar, so he can buy some preaching time.  As soon as John starts reading a verse from the Bible about a man lying with another man, Angela leaves the room in tears.  “We will have to pray for her that she hears it,” John tells the kids. John follows Angela to the room, but she wants him to leave. “You will never change me,” she tells him.

Back in New York, Gina want the kids to listen to her Bible stories – but they run and find a TV to watch. Next on Gina’s agenda is to teach Chris about The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. “You are evil,” Chris tells Gina about her views on gay marriage. The fight ends with Chris kicking Gina out of his house. Gina walks out the door and Chris slams the door behind her.

It’s time for the couples to meet and discuss their experience.   But for the first time in Wife Swap history, the Loudon’s refuse to show up.  Production is told by the Loudon’s attorney that they will not be filming anymore.  Really? What did they think they were signing up for?  Angela is reunited with her husband and her girlfriend to learn about the week’s event. “I definitely didn’t learn anything from him,” Angela tells her husband.  This family is happy with their lifestyle and don’t plan to change it.

What did you think of tonight’s Wife Swap? Why do you think the Loudon’s refused to film anymore? 

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4 Responses to “Wife Swap Recap: The Bible Versus Beliefs”

  1. martin Says:
    March 29th, 2013 at 7:53 am

    The Loudon adults showed their bigoted intolerance for lifestyles that are not exactly like theirs–bible and gun totting!!

    This is America, right?

    Their decision to not complete the program only shows how undignified of a people they really are.

  2. Nena Says:
    March 29th, 2013 at 11:40 am

    This is a sad show. I wish the morale people (we know who they are) would not have accepted being on this show. They are just being crucified in the press by the anti-morale crowd. The bible says, “What is sweet is bitter and what is bitter is sweet.” No explanation is need on that bible verse. This society has lost all of its morale compass.

  3. jb44 Says:
    March 29th, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    After watching this show, it was clear which family displayed more Christ like behavior – and, it wasn’t the family doing all the bible studying! For so called Christians, they were very hypocritical. Apparently, they like to study the bible, but not practice Jesus’ teachings. As far as their Tea Party views? They speak for themselves – Obama is a communist? This family wouldn’t know compassion or truth if it came up and sat in their laps.

  4. Larry Says:
    March 30th, 2013 at 2:55 am

    What is sad is that the whole American lifestyle is backwards. I understand that there are different cultures, religions, lifestyles, etc… in this world, let alone in this country. I don’t care of this show was made for entertainment purposes but I believe that everyone should have a student mentality by learning more about ones’ culture.

    I’m a naturalized citizen of this country and I love the opportunities it gave me. It also gave me bad ones as well. However I was open minded to grow myself as an individual to see that the real problem is not based on minorities, gay, lesbian, polyamory, religion, gun control, etc… but more of people not willing to accept that there is another world within their own backyard.

    Now both couples had both positive and negative sides to them, but the fact that a former Senator (whom I know that he had voters of different ethnicities and sexual orientations) whose first question is “Are you Muslim?” as a welcoming question is his way of saying hello is actually a scary reality. This brings into question that indeed, we all have to be fully educated about our government procedures (both state and nationwide) but the fact that you would discriminate a particular religion with such a question that brings a sour taste to those even not religious is a huge shame to everyone living in this country.

    I will admit that there is much work that needs to be done to better this country, but this episode shows a small sample on how well educated someone can be by choosing their lifestyle because they love it and actually open their minds to see the other’s opinions against one that forces (or attempts to do so) onto another that does not wish it to be done. Kinda of reminds me of the current Congress we have so far.


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