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J.Lo’s Demands Get Her Kicked Out Of Indian Premiere League Concert

March 30, 2013 05:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

We all know Jennifer Lopez can be quite the diva at times, but with her out of the picture at American Idol, we’d forgotten the over-the-top behavior of which she is capable. A reminder has appeared in the form of a rejection from the Indian Premiere League, where J.Lo was supposed to perform…until her diva behavior got her kicked out.

It might not be the Super Bowl, but like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez managed to land her own impressive gig at a sporting event. The singer was slated to perform at the Indian Premiere League, a huge cricket tournament that delivers an impressive audience of 60 million. Not a bad deal for a pop star looking to expand her horizons, right?

Unfortunately, it looks like J.Lo has blown her chance at becoming the next big sensation in India. After organizers received Jennifers’ rider for the event, they decided that she simply wasn’t worth the effort. Her demands included a private plane and several fancy hotel rooms for her stylists and other assorted employees. There is no evidence yet of such crazy demands as have been given in the past by J.Lo, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. After all, the celeb has earned herself quite the reputation over the years, with many event organizers claiming that she continually demands white couches, white foods and white candles…yes, J.Lo really has something for the color white.

So, who is taking on the Indian Premiere League performance instead? Looks like the replacement will be Pitbull. We’re not sure if Indian cricket fans will take this as good or bad news, but a Pitbull performance is certainly no J.Lo performance.

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