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The Amazing Race Recap: Goats In Boats

March 31, 2013 06:54 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

If you didn’t get enough of safari fun last week, you’re in luck – The Amazing Race continues in Botswana tonight! Max and Katie managed to escape being axed, thanks to a non-elimination leg of the race, but will they be as lucky this time?

Once again, The Amazing Race is off to a late start. Not in Botswana, but here at home on our televisions. Yes, I understand that it’s basketball season, but come on, some of us prefer our amazing racers!

Finally, with the new episode gearing up, I can start to get excited about another leg of the race spent in Botswana. We start with our favorite NHL athletes in first place. Bates and Anthony are a bit uncomfortable about heading the pack — they usually aren’t in the lead. Max and Katie, on the other hand, aren’t too accustomed to being in last place.

The biggest problem at the beginning of this leg is getting lost. Except Caroline and Jennifer; they get pulled over for speeding.  Not only do they have to waste time arguing with a cop, they wind up having to head over to the police station to pay a hefty fine. Meanwhile, Pam and Winnie pass up the country singers and don’t look too concerned about seeing their fellow racers pulled over on the side of the road.

Bates and Anthony arrive at a Fast Forward, which could prove an excellent boost in the race…but involves waterskiing one mile through crocodile territory. The hockey players have had some issues staying up on their skis in the past and are a little worried about becoming dinner for some lucky croc. But they manage to find their balance and complete the Fast Forward.

Pam and Winnie aren’t quite as lucky; having missed the Fast Forward, they must transport goats as a part of the next Road Block. Navigating the boat is a lot harder than one might expect. But at least Pam and Winnie manage to capture the goats in the first place. Chuck and Wynona have a little more trouble, with the wayward goats constantly getting away.

Still, all things considered, Chuck and Wynona are pretty lucky. They could be stuck at the police headquarters, like our poor country singer friends. Caroline’s not allowed to leave headquarters, so Jennifer hands “a nice man” (or at least, she hopes he’s nice) one hundred bucks and hopes that he’ll exchange it for the local currency and return to headquarters. She’s taking a big risk, but she doesn’t really have any other options.

Max and Katie wind up in the same fix as Caroline and Jennifer, getting pulled over by the cops. But it’s even worse for Max and Katie, for in addition to having to drive to headquarters to pay for the speeding ticket, they manage to hit a pole on the way out! Which means, of course, that they have to head back to the police again. Even though I find this team incredibly annoying, I have to feel kinda bad for them.

Caroline and Jennifer finally escape the police headquarters and make it to the goats. Things are really tense right now for the other teams at the Road Block, with the roller derby moms especially at each others’ throats. But having been through a nightmare on this leg, the country singers are just glad to be back in the race. Because they can actually cooperate (unlike certain — ahem — other teams) they manage to overtake Mona and Beth and find themselves in fourth place.

Bates and Anthony come in first place for the second time in a row. And their extra prize for winning this leg is $7,500! But they’re not going to take anything for granted because they don’t really want to be the next Team JJ,  eliminated right after being named the frontrunners.

The hockey guys should be really glad that they missed out on the other challenges, because it looks like the goats are the least of the remaining teams’ troubles. The Detour arrives and the choice for this leg is Brains or Braun. Brains involves taking a horse on a little safari trip, looking at animal cutouts and remembering the order in which they were seen. For Braun, teams must load up donkey carts and take them to a campsite. From the sound of it, you’d think Brains would be easier, but despite the donkeys’ uncooperative nature, Braun still proves the simpler challenge. Pam and Winnie learn this when they abandon Braun for Brains….screw up multiple times on Brains…and head back to Braun! Suffice to say, despite all the difficulties with speeding tickets for the country singers and newlyweds, it ends up being former front runners Pam and Winnie who are eliminated!

Were you expecting to see Pam and Winnie go home this week? Feel free to share your reactions (and predictions for the next leg of the race) in the comments section below!

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  1. Joni Says:
    April 1st, 2013 at 4:16 am

    Thank you so much for the recap. I wasn’t home to see that the show started late (I shouldn’t have been surprised)so of course my recording was useless.


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