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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: All About Renovating

April 01, 2013 06:20 PM by Megan Thompson

The ladies from The Real Housewives Of Orange County return to Bravo tonight. Yes, it’s time for some fake tans, fake boobs and even fake friendships! Tonight Vicki Gunvalson gets a new member in her family, when Briana gives birth to a baby boy. But did Vicki also get a new chin?

“I’m all about renovating right now,” Vicki tells the cameras.  She and her assistant are moving furniture (while drinking wine) so that Vicki can set up a room for her new grandbaby.  Vicki wasn’t joking about renovating everything – she even had work done on her face!  It seems that Slade’s Ms. Piggy comment cut pretty deep with Vicki, so much so that she had work done on her nose and got a chin implant. We also learn that Vicki and Brooks are currently broken up – for the moment.

It’s the only brunette of the bunch, Heather, carrying in groceries and her toddler.  Heather is cooking up some lobsters, trying to decide what will be the best food for her clambake that she is hosting for the ladies.  That is all the ladies, except Alexis, we learn the two women have absolutely no friendship now.  Heather stresses she wants no unwanted guests at her party – remember the girl who ate the bow off her cake? 

“When we were in Bora Bora everything was a fantasy, now that we are back home reality set in,” Tamra tells the cameras about her relationship with Eddie.  Tamra and her three kids have moved into Eddie’s house and it’s no vacation that’s for sure. Tamra is hefting around laundry and talking about the gym she is opening.  Of course, Eddie is part owner but Tamra lets us know that she owns 51% of the gym.  Eddie is nagging Tamra about wearing her shoes in the house and leaving lights on.  The honeymoon is definitely over for these two.  I don’t think Tamra will be tattooing Eddie’s name on her finger anytime soon.

Briana is at the hospital and Vicki is making some home videos of her daughter going through labor.  Vicki might want to make her face look young, but she is ready to be a grandma! After a long labor, Briana has to go for an emergency C-section. “It was pretty special,” Vicki says about seeing Troy (her grandbaby) for the first time. Of course she adds her famous whoo-hoo – for becoming a grandma.

Tamra and Gretchen meet for some retail therapy – yes, they are still BFFs.  Since Tamra is no longer friends with Vicki she needs someone to shop with.  ”I got the nastiest email from her,” Tamra tells Gretchen about the last time she heard from Vicki.  The two haven’ t been on speaking terms since the reunion show.  After trash talking Vicki, the girls move on to Alexis. Gretchen feels that Alexis is playing the victim card by saying she was bullied by the women.  “I hope she understands that Jesus doesn’t like liars,” Tamra insults Alexis. 

Gretchen has to call Slade at his new job to find out how to use her Keuring coffee machine.  “Slade’s job has gotten in the way of my morning routine,” she tells the cameras.  Slade has a new job on the radio; leaving Gretchen to make her own coffee and do the grunt work of her own business. 

Alexis is all dressed up to do finger painting with her daughters.  She informs us that the Bellino’s have purchased a house, they are no longer renting.  “Things with Jim have never been better, we are in a really good place now,” Alexis tells us.  She has put family first and is no longer working so hard on her clothing line.  Is that code for her clothing venture failed?  Anyways, Alexis does realize that Tamra stole her best friend away from her – and she really misses Gretchen. 

Vicki is nervous about going to Heather’s house because her face is still swollen from her surgery.  She should be worried because Tamra is showing Gretchen a picture of Vicki she found on the internet. “She got a chin implant,” Gretchen screams.  Gretchen even goes too far to say if Vicki got plastic surgery because of Slade’s comments “she will cut a bitch.”

“It’s beautiful,” Heather compliments the decorators on the outstanding job they did on her clambake.  Everyone starts arriving at the Dubrow mansion. Right away, Gretchen starts freaking out about having to sit next to Vicki.  Just on cue, Vicki arrives to the party.  Vicki kisses Heather and Terry, while Tamra is afraid to even go near her. The episode ends leaving us to wonder what will happen between these once friends, now enemies.  

What did you think of tonight’s RHOC premiere?  Are you on Team Vicki or Team Tamra?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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One Response to “The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: All About Renovating”

  1. Cathy Says:
    April 21st, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    Team tamra all the way. If Vicki, who prides her self on being a SMART woman, brooks is making a fool out of her on national t.v. For all the world to see. She is such a hypocrit to slam slade for 3 years cuz he didn’t pay child support, yet neither has brooks. He’s n even bigger deadbeat dad than slade. I don’t even like slade but he’s better than brooks.


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