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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: How Many Chefs Does It Take To Make A Pancake?

April 02, 2013 07:40 PM by Lisa Princ

Disastrous. That pretty much sums up the aspiring chefs’ skills this season on  Hell’s Kitchen. Last week, we watched as one dumbass one of the ladies tried to send out raw chicken, and tonight, when Gordon Ramsay decided to switch things up to breakfast, it left us completely dumbfounded by the amount of chefs it took to send out a perfect pancake! Really, how hard is it not to burn a pancake?

Just when you think there is the slightest chance that the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen are getting better, they go and screw up again. It really leaves us wonder if any of these contestants have ever watched the show before auditioning for it? Do they not know that they cannot attempt to sneak anything past Gordon Ramsay.

Let’s start with tonight’s challenge to prove to you exactly how bright these chefs are. For the challenge, Gordon Ramsay cooked 5 dishes, and all the chefs had to do was pair up to figure out what the meat was in the dish. Not a hard task for any chef, right? Wrong! Both teams struggled with a dish or two, but the men were definitely the worst of the two – they couldn’t even guess a turkey meatball. As usual, the ladies won, earning them a trip to the beach.

The men were in for some tough punishment this week as they had to make bread from scratch. No, not like that. Starting with the milling and stone grinding of the grains. Yep, nothing like manual labor to create a drama queen possible stroke. Say what? A little while after grinding, Jeremy looked as though he was going to collapse, telling the medic that he previously suffered a stroke.

Hmm… at the ripe age of 22? Time for a diet, dude. Anyway, the medic sent him to the hospital because of his high blood pressure. Jeremy waddled off with the medic, leaving the rest of the guys to do all the labor. When he came back hours later, he told the guys that the doctors told him he needs to eat more. What? Can you say drama queen? In the words of Nedra: “He be eating us out of house home in the past few days.”

Ramsay also decided to change things up a bit as he turned dinner service into breakfast service. Gordon set up breakfast for doctors, nurses, and EMT’s. Needless to say, the chefs were moaning and groaning about how tired they were. The men struggled slightly, but after they were able to pull together, their kitchen moved rather smoothly.

The women, on the other hand, could not seem to get it together. Nedra struggled with her eggs, while Jacqueline could not seem to stop burning the pancakes. But then, as all of the ladies joined in to help with the pancakes, no one seemed to be able to make a good pancake, which cost the ladies the win.

When it was time to choose who to put up on the chopping block, the ladies seemed torn between Nedra and Mary (who apparently was a weak link even though she did great tonight) along with Jacqueline. Nedra went completely crazy on the girls, leaving some of them scared to put her up. Ramsay called out all three of them, and told Mary and Jacqueline to get back in line.

So, who did Ramsay decide to send home?

We have no idea because we were left with “To Be Continued….”

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