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Survivor: Caramoan Recap – Punched In The Face!

April 03, 2013 06:05 PM by Candace Young

The old feud between Phillip and Corinne reared its head on last week’s episode of Survivor Caramoan, Malcolm tried to finesse a new alliance among the alpha males, and Julia ‘Vanilla’ Landauer’s torch was snuffed out. Twelve are left. What will happen when the tribes merge, and will someone get blindsided?

Following Julia’s elimination, Michael is congratulated, especially by Corinne who is pleased and proud to have ‘got the gay’. Phillip appears to make an ass of himself by trying to convince everyone he threw the challenge – color them skeptical.

Morning dawns to Phillip giving a speech about holding his alliance strong and a merge being anticipated.  Meanwhile, the Gota tribe spots a boat coming ashore. It bears a note telling them to gather up everything, they’re going to a new home. Excited cheering ensues.

Bikal seem equally up for seeing some different faces and greet the arrivals enthusiastically on the beach. Green handkerchiefs are doled out and the merged tribe decides on the name Enil Edam -  which is Madeline, Malcolm’s mom’s name, spelled backwards. Phillip wastes no time in pulling blondie Andrea into the bush and whispering stuff about thinking like Boston Rob. Huh? Elsewhere, Corinne and Malcolm have a quickie conversation about their alliances. It’s established that she has Michael and he has Reynold, Eddie, and almost certainly floaty Erik.

Soon, Cochran is reading a treemail about stomaching things and eating. There are varying levels of anticipation and dread at the idea of consuming gross stuff. They head off to meet Jeff Probst, who says tribal immunity is no more and tells them the challenge involves racing to swallow certain delicacies until only two competitors are left – winner gets the immunity necklace.

The first six are invited to eat MOVING beetle larvae. Andrea, Malcolm, and Eddie move on. Sherri, Corinne, and Alex are out. The next round again features the writhing larvae. Cochran, Phillip, and Michael move on. Dawn, Brenda, and Reynold are out.

Ship worms – from the clam family – are the next delight on offer. Malcolm, Eddie, and Cochran – who almost appears to relish this challenge – all move on.  This trio will become two after ingesting duck embryos. Disgusting! Cochran and Malcolm defeat a vomit-y Eddie.

Cochran and Malcolm now face the final meal – pig brains. Ooooiink! Cochran wins by a, er, well he wins the immunity necklace but it’s really close. Back at camp, somewhat creepy Cochran is stoked to have defeated ‘Golden God’ Malcolm and admires his boss necklace at length.

Phillip and Corinne confer in the trees. He wants to do an Eddie/Reynold split vote, but she wants to get rid of Sherri. He won’t listen and won’t stop yapping about Boston Rob. Cochran’s on board with Sherri going home but has concerns about the Phillip/Corinne tension making the tribe appear dysfunctional. Reynold and Corinne discuss their dislike of Phillip.

Corinne suggests Dawn join them and break up the alliance of the favorites. Dawn doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes. She tells Cochran what Corinne’s up to. Cochran goes to Andrea, and they speculate about the ramifications of Corinne flipping and taking out first Sherri, and then Phillip. Andrea’s worried about the tight numbers, and wildcard, Erik, who doesn’t talk strategy with anyone.

Phillip gets wind of it all and a plan emerges to blindside Corinne. Andrea points out Corinne’s name to Erik on the sign. He shrugs, “Okay.” Cochran remarks that Erik has previously proven himself incompetent at playing the game, but Erik at least realizes he’s the swing vote.

At tribal council, there’s a lot of discussion about lying, paranoia, and getting punched in the face. Reynold tells Jeff that the bottle’s about to pop – but not necessarily tonight.

Jeff tallies the votes – the first five are for Sherri but after that it’s downhill for Corinne – she’s voted out with 7 – blindsided indeed!

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  1. Carol G. Says:
    April 4th, 2013 at 4:15 am

    I’m so tired of Corinne talking about “her gays” Does she think they are pet or something?


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