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The Voice’s Audrey Karrasch, Orlando Dixon, And Savannah Berry Dish About Their Experience

April 03, 2013 12:02 PM by Lisa Princ

This week on The Voice, we watched some very incredible artists take the stage. Today, Audrey Karrasch, Orlando Dixon, and Savannah Berry dished on their experience so far on the show!

Audrey Karrasch, Orlanda Dixon, and Savannah Berry all impressed us last night on The Voice, but they were also impressed that they were given the chance to be there. Today, these talented artists chatted with the press about their experience. Check out the interview below!

Audrey Karrasch on the significance of not being judged on her looks:
The main reason I auditioned for this show was because of that concept alone. The judges had no idea what I looked like, nor did they know my story. One thing I didn’t like about the modeling industry is that it is so superficial. I went into modeling because of my looks, knowing could use it to my advantage, but it was depressing. The greatest thing about this show is the concept – it’s based on my voice alone.

Audrey on getting sassy with Adam Levine last night:
Honestly, I was completely out of my mind and felt horrible for doing it. I love Adam Levine so much, I look up to him, he is one of the most amazing artists. It was one of those insert foot into mouth moments. Looking back I wish I would have listened to what he had to say, because I should be absorbing every word he says. I know I had an attitude, but just in that moment, I knew he was going to banter back and forth with Blake. It was just a moment.

Audrey on why she chose Usher:
Honestly, I was not expecting Blake to turn at all. And then he turned around during the first sentence. He said some things too, but I was stunned, I couldn’t believe he wanted me on his team. I love Country and I love Blake too. I hope he is not upset that I shut him out. I knew I had my mind made up. I’m a huge Usher fan, and I knew if he turned around I would be in his team. With everything he has done for Justin Bieber, I know he is a hard worker. I think if I had chosen Blake I would have been goofing off too much.

Savannah Berry on her start in music and what she plans to bring to the table on the show:
I started taking vocal lessons when I was 13. That’s when I really decided that music is the career I want to pursue. I started to perform at coffee shops. My favorite thing is that I love to sing Country. I really enjoy taking songs that are not Country, like Pop songs and putting a Country twist on it. I am so excited to see what people think about that.

Savannah on getting an encouraging Tweet from Kelly Clarkson last night:
Oh my gosh, when I first saw the tweet from Kelly Clarkson, I was beside myself because I’ve been such a huge fan of hers since day one, ever since her very first performance. She is really the first artist I have ever looked up to. She’s the first person I’ve seen in concert. So, to me, it’s amazing that she even knows who I am. I am so thankful for the wonderful comments she gave me. She’s awesome.

Orlando Dixon on how he will benefit from team Usher:
Usher is someone that I’ve really admired and looked up to throughout my whole journey of wanting to be an artist. I’m really excited about how he is going to challenge me, like he mentioned. You know, being an artist is about evolving and continuing to grow. I am really looking forward to growing and evolving with him. I can’t wait to take in what Usher says. I can’t wait to see what he does with my team mates, and to grow with them.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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