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Dancing With The Stars: Wynonna Judd Knows She Is A Better Singer Than Dancer

April 04, 2013 07:00 AM by Maria Petty

We can’t say that we did not see this one coming. This week on Dancing With The Stars, country star, Wynonna Judd was eliminated, and it certainly was not for her lack of singing ability. ”I am a singer not a dancer, and I did the best I could,” states the 48 year old star. After her elimination, Wynonna spoke out on why she feels that she did not cut it on the show.

Wynonna Judd and her 39 year old dance partner Tony Dovoloni danced their hearts out on Dancing with the Stars, but it was not a top performance. The Samba routine scored 15 out of 30 points. This was the lowest score of the night on the 3rd place ranking show, Dancing with the Stars. The Nielson ratings show that 14,147 viewers tuned in for the Prom Week airing last night.

The judges left Wynonna in tears as she had to say goodbye. Wynonna and Tony were the first couple voted off of as the Samba performance was lacking in many ways. Dancing with the Stars choreographer Louis van Amsel states she needs to get out of her head and show the movement like she hears the movement. He said she should show her feminine side, she has great legs. Guess she prefers using her vocal cords over her legs.

Louis Van Amsel also felt she needs more flexibility. The Dancing with the Stars judges felt her dancing was sedate and lacking in quality. It seems to me that her comment on being a singer not a dancer confirms their statements. What do you think?

Although she stated she didn’t want to go home she remains positive and wants to move on to do other things. She states, “I know that ‘No’ today means a better ‘Yes’ tomorrow.”  So far she is off to a good start. She has already been on Good Morning America and will be appearing on the Piers Morgan show tonight according to her Twitter comments. She also stated that saying goodbye to everyone was the hardest part but she had the time of her life. Good news is that she has gained a lifelong friend in her dance partner Tony.

According to US Weekly Tony says, “I have had many partners but no one has a heart like Wynonna. I admire this woman so much.” Wynonna remains positive and has many good things ahead of her, beginning with her husband “Cactus” Mosley walking beside her. After a long struggle with wheelchairs and walkers he was able to walk to her on his own. This has truly been a monumental week for Wynonna.

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