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The Voice Artists Reveal Why They Chose Their Coaches

April 04, 2013 10:00 AM by Lisa Princ

The talent was amazing this week on The Voice, and we also watched coach choices that were not what we expected. Now, the artists who have advanced dished on their experience thus far, and why they chose their particular coach!

Warren Stone, Taylor Beckham, Chelsea M., Duncan Kamakana, Katrina Iglesias, The Swon Brothers, Holly Tucker, and Garrett Gardner are among some of the talented artists this season on The Voice. Recently, this group of artists sat down to discuss their experience on the show, and why they chose their coaches. Check out the interview below!

Warren Stone on why he chose Adam Levine:
You know, they tell us time and time again to just go with your gut and just talking with them after the chairs turned and whatnot is just, you know, there was just a connection so to say. I really felt that he would give me 110% – which he has, he has been phenomenal thus far. I’m really excited for what the future’s going to hold.

Warren on whether or not he is concerned that his exposure will be limited since he chose Adam:
No, I don’t think so at all. I mean, you can kind of tell that there’s a great chemistry with all the coaches and stuff. The way I see it is it’s just opening more doors. I’m not worried as far as that goes because, obviously, Blake and Adam are pretty tight so, I mean, if it’s something that Adam can’t do after the show, I’m sure Blake would step in and help out.

Taylor Beckham on the decision to choose Usher over Shakira:
I was very taken back by how convincing Shakira was. It was a difficult decision, she was very real with me but at the same time, so was Usher. And at the end of the day, I’m R&B and I think Usher can take me the farthest.

Holly Tucker on how tough her decision was after hearing the coaches’ pleas:
When I got on stage and then I was hearing their comments back to me, one that really touched me probably the most was Shakira and her comment about how before she could even see me, she heard how honest my performance was, and that’s the message that I want to give. When I sing for people, I just want them to know that I’m being completely genuine and in the moment and my performance is completely for the audience. But in the end, you know, going with Blake was always where my heart was going to lead me because I am Country and he’s Country and he knows that world the best. So, I just had to go with him.

Garrett Gardner on why he chose The Voice over American Idol and X Factor: In terms of American Idol and X Factor…I auditioned for American Idol for the previous season that had finished airing, you know, Season 11. And they’re actually the reason that I auditioned for The Voice because they, you know, they were encouraging but it seemed like the second I got off Season 3, I knew that if I was to do another show, it would only be The Voice because they were just so compassionate, so loving. There was not one person on the staff that I have met that was not an honest person that had not treated me with, you know, respect. And everybody here is just absolutely incredible, so I couldn’t imagine being on another television show.

Chelsea M. on what working with Usher is like:
It’s really incredible being able to work with Usher and seeing how the things that he does to train me as a performer are actually really helpful. His training is insanely helpful. And I can see how he was able to make other people famous because of the things that he has to say and the advice that he has to give is really, really useful and I’ve used it to get this far in the competition.

Karina Iglesias on her strategy to sing part of her song in Spanish: Yes, actually singing a little bit of it in Spanish was definitely a strategy to get as many chair turns as possible. I’m blessed that I was able to get Blake and Adam to turn around because that’s kind of what I envisioned in my mind. And then it kind of dawned on me that maybe I should translate a little bit of it in Spanish to get Shakira to turn around.

Karina on being compared to Vicci Martinez:
I’ve heard several comparisons to Vicci Martinez. You know, any comparison to an artist that’s out there doing their thing and an artist moreover that is very successful and that was successful and almost won the whole thing on the show is a good thing. You know, it’s a win/win for me when people are comparing me to other great artists. So, definitely, I welcome the comparisons and I’m flattered.

The Swon brothers on the coolest thing about working with Blake Shelton:
This is Zach. I think the coolest thing about Blake so far…I mean, he’s definitely helped us in the music side of things but just knowing that a guy that is so huge and on top of his career right now is so down to earth and so humble. Like, the first day I met him, I, you know, it just seemed like somebody I’d hang out with back at home. And so that’s probably the coolest thing, just learning, you know, just humbleness and you really don’t see – you see him cracking jokes all the time and being funny and but even when he’s off camera, that’s what really cool, he doesn’t change.

This is Colton. Like, when the cameras weren’t even rolling we were talking about hunting in Oklahoma and it was just really cool to see his humbleness and his willingness to really make an effort to be a part of your, you know, your career and just build a relationships with him.

Duncan Kamakana on his sound (since we didn’t get to see his performance) and his inspiration:
Actually, one of the reasons why I even know about this show is Tony Lucca. I’ve been listening to him for years and really one of my favorite singer/songwriters. So, he’s hind of why I even was aware of the show and I thought if somebody like that can be doing the show, I mean, why wouldn’t I want to do it.

I would say sound wise I would possibly compare myself closest to, like, Gavin DeGraw and as far as what I’m going for and what I natural sound like. But even that, it’s kind of a vague comparison.

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