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Rihanna Smacks Michael Cera; Emma Watson Freaks

April 05, 2013 06:26 AM by Donna W. Martin

X Factor guest judge, Rihanna is doing more than just singing and hanging with her man, Chris Brown these days. What’s up? She’s making another movie entitled This is the End. But don’t expect her role in this movie to be as serious as the one she played in Battleship. In fact, judging by the Red Band trailer, the entire cast is off the wall crazy. Take the jump for more details.

According to E! News, This is the End is an apocalyptic comedy where the cast consists of celebrities playing themselves. This should be interesting, right? As you can imagine, everything is crazy as usual, for celebrities that is, until Michael Cera decides to grab Rihanna’s rear-end and boy does he get more than he was hoping for. Being a brave little boy, he grabs RiRi’s booty and she wastes no time turning around and smacks Cera a good one. “Don’t f*cking grab my bum, b*tch!” she said. Oops!

But the drama doesn’t end there. Among other things, you can expect to see Harry Potter’s good girl, Hermione, also known as Emma Watson storm the scene, with an axe, no less and demand everything there is to drink. And she lets everybody know she means business. When she doesn’t get what she wants as fast as she wants it, she freaks and starts busting people in the mouth with the butt of the axe.

This one is a must see for comedy lovers but it’s definitely not suited for the kiddies or the faint of heart! This is the End is set to hit theaters on June 14.

Based on the trailer, what are your thoughts about Rihanna’s upcoming movie? Do you think it’s going to be hilarious? Or nothing short of stupid? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear it so sound off in the comments section and tell us all about it!

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Photo Credit: E!

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