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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Hallelujah! Best Years Of Their Lives

April 08, 2013 07:18 PM by Candace Young

Last week the celebrities went back to school for Prom Night, this week they revisit the best year of their lives on Dancing With The Stars in routines with built-in solos. Last week also brought the end of the road for Wynonna Judd and partner Tony Dovolani. Keep reading to find out who will be on the top (and bottom) of the leaderboard after tonight, and to find out why Lisa Vanderpump fainted in practice…

Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd are dancing a Viennese Waltz to I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz in honor of Sean finding his fiance, Catherine, on The Bachelor this year. Peta looks like Cinderella in a powder blue gown and Sean puts in a solid effort. His counting and concentration  interfere with his flow at times, but it’s pretty good and he finishes by waltzing over to Catherine in the audience and planting a kiss on her. He can be heard saying ‘I love you’. Catherine has an odd look on her face. The judges give Sean constructive criticism, but applaud his efforts. They net 7s from the men and a 6 from Carrie Ann for 20.

Victor Oritz and Lindsay Arnold are doing a Pasa Doble to We Will Rock You, the song that played when Victor entered the arena in 2011 when he won the World Welterweight Championship. Their dance is dramatic and intense and they look great – so want it to be perfect – but Victor’s style is lacking at times. The judges basically say he had too much attack. Len admits it needed refinement but he loved his spirit. They get three 6s for 18.

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff are dancing the Foxtrot to Watching You in honor of his best year – 2012 when his son was born. Their routine is sweetness to watch and the song gets ya’ choked up – especially with his little son in the audience. Carrie Ann says it was phenomenal, Len comments on him pulling off the elegant dance, and Bruno raves. Bruno does remind him not to use his hands like spatulas. They earn 8s from all three judges for 24.

Aly Raisman is dancing with Mark Ballas for the summer of 2012 when she was on the gold medal-winning US Olympic gymnastics team – the song for their Contemporary routine is Titanium.  They make full use of her gymnastics abilities with one particularly stunning lift and many acro-style moves. The judges enthuse about the mix of emotion, connection, and athleticism, with Bruno awarding the routine a gold medal. It’s three 9s for 27 for the pair!

Andy Dick says this year, 2013, is the best year of his life and he’s dancing for his daughter, Meg, who is in the audience each week. Andy and Sharna Burgess will do the Viennese Waltz to Hallelujah. It’s careful but extremely heartfelt and very moving! Andy’s desire for redemption absolutely comes through – choked up again! Carrie Ann sobs her approval. Len says whatever happens, Andy will go out a hero – well done.  They’re awarded 7s from all three judges for 21.

Zendaya and Val Chmerkovisky are dancing a Samba in honor of 2009, the year her career with Disney kicked off. She will channel her inner-Beyonce to Love On Top. Wow! They deliver an energetic, sexy, and flamboyant routine! Carrie Ann calls her ‘Baby Beyonce’ and compliments Val on his fabulous choreography. Len grumbles about wanting more Samba in the solo section, but says she’s a fantastic dancer. Bruno sings, ‘Baby you’ve got it’ and labels it sexy and slick. They earn 9s from Carrie Ann and Bruno, and an 8 from Len for 26.

Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson are dancing the Viennese Waltz for the year 2009 when he married his wife, Ehiku. His song is A Thousand Years because it felt that’s how long he waited for her. Other than Ingo resembling the Glad garbage man in his white suit, it’s very pleasing to watch. The judges enjoy the elegance and also note how Ingo works to make improvements based on their comments each week. They get 8s from Bruno and Carrie Ann and a 7 from Len for 23.

D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke are doing a Foxtrot to I Want To Make Love To You by Etta James for the best year of his life. It’s very entertaining and comedic – so different for the Foxtrot! The judges enthuse about his increased content and entertainment value. Len recognizes D.L.’s improvement and the hard work he put in this week. They net their highest scores yet – three 7s for 21.

Kellie Pickler tells Derek Hough the best thing ever to happen to her was her husband, Kyle. They’ll dance a Rhumba to Say I Do which was written by her husband and honors their 2011 private wedding. Kyle plays guitar and sings the song as they dance the intense and emotional routine. Kellie kisses Kyle at the end. Carrie Ann notes her movements were clipped in spots, Len agrees it lacked fluidity at times, and Bruno calls it beautiful. Bruno and Carrie Ann award 9s and Len an 8 for 26.

Lisa Vanderpump passed out on a stunned Gleb Savchenko during rehearsal this past week due to illness. A doctor’s visit revealed she was suffering from fever and symptoms of the flu. Their routine was left until last in hopes that Lisa would feel up to performing. She does. Lisa and Gleb will do a Cha Cha Cha to Celebration in honor of the year her daughter got married – she recalls how much their closeness while planning the wedding meant to her. Lisa and Gleb start their routine in wedding attire and Lisa strips off to reveal a hot pink sequined number as the song kicks in. Speaking of stripping off – Gleb’s shirt is soon tossed aside as well. Uh, ahem, Lisa’s dancing seemed perky and quite good considering. All the judges remark on her doing very well under the circumstances. Carrie Ann throws in another warning about their lifts. They pull out three 6s for 18.

Leaderboard toppers are Aly and Mark, with Lisa and Gleb and Victor and Lindsay tying for last place.

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One Response to “Dancing With The Stars Recap: Hallelujah! Best Years Of Their Lives”

  1. Samantha Steiner Says:
    April 10th, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Perfection doesn’t just present itself overnight, as the remaining contestants on Dancing with the Stars can profoundly attest. However, it is the journey that delivers them to the point where backing down is never an option. The theme on last night’s episode, was a memorable year in their lives, particularly referring to when a special, particular event occurred. With not a dry eye in the ballroom, each performance had extra meaning, grace, and emotion, as every couple told a beautiful story on the dance floor. Kellie Pickler’s wedding day held a sacred place in her heart, as she dedicated her performance to her husband, who appropriately sang to her and partner, Derek Hough, during their moving dance. Comedian Andy Dick and Superbowl superstar Jacoby Jones, danced for their son and daughter equally, as they brought out the best in the competition, and each other. For Sean Lowe, it was professing his love through an elegant foxtrot dance, with his partner Peta Murgatroyd, for new fiancee Catherine, as he gently kissed her towards the end of the dream, fantasy like, performance. The dance that took everyone’s breath away by far, was Mark and Aly’s contemporary dance, as she spread her wings and perfected her technique, finishing every line, and flawlessly may i add, as well as already feeding off of the obvious chemistry between her and Mark, leaving very little to the imagination. Though Lisa had a rough few days, especially after experiencing a fainting spell last Friday, she ‘went on with the show’ to perform last night, as her dance partner, Gleb, took her, and glided her across the dance floor, as the couple followed through on a shaky performance. A poignant moment occurred after the dance however, as she stated, “It’s not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up,” a message that radiates in any and every situation in life. A simple message, that means, and says so much, as it is so effective, inspirational, and true. It’s almost appropriate that their celebration dance last night was their curtain call, as Lisa exited stage left for the last time tonight. Brad Paisley and Jennifer Lopez performed during tonight’s results show, along with an incredibly special and inspiring ballet dance performance, featuring Derek Hough and an extremely talented high school student, Brilynn Rakes, who despite her diagnosis of being declared legally blind, has never let anything bring her down in life. With that said, I look forward to next week’s exciting, challenging performances and theme. Bravo to the remaining cast members and stars. And scene.


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