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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Is The Evil Eye Back?

April 08, 2013 06:28 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Orange County is all new tonight on Bravo. Heather is hosting a fabulous clambake, but will Tamra and Vicki ruin it by clawing each other’s eyes out?  It’s quite possible! 

“Vicki doesn’t look normal,” Tamra tells the cameras when she sees Vicki at the clambake. The tangerine twins, Gretchen and Tamra, lock arms and gossip about Vicki’s surgery. Right away, Tamra runs to Heather to ask her what Vicki did to her face. Heather tries to explain to trashy Tamra that it’s a personal matter and she doesn’t care as long as Vicki is happy. It’s the OC – doesn’t everyone have plastic surgery? How do you think Heather’s mansion was built? But these mean girls won’t stop talking about Vicki – Tamra doesn’t believe that Vicki and Brooks are really broken up.  The two blonde BFFs plot to ask Vicki about Brooks during dinner.

After a lot of gossiping and cocktails, the group finally sits down to dinner. Thank goodness Ms. Fancy Pants can show everyone the proper way to eat lobster.  After the food demo,  Heather asks Tamra if her and Eddie have set a date for their wedding. Tamra immediately becomes flustered and rambles on how they have only been engaged for eight months. “My fiance won’t give me a date, what am I supposed to say?” Tamra admits to the cameras. This is obviously a sensitive topic for Tamra.  Maybe Tamra needs to focus on her man and not worry about Vicki’s man.  To change the topic, Gretchen asks Vicki where Brooks is? “We are taking a step-back because it was too much,” Vicki tells her. Gretchen takes this opportunity to defend Tamra and says that Tamra was only watching out for Vicki. When Tamra asks what is going on, Vicki yells, “she is giving us the evil eye.”  And here we go – this is where Vicki and Tamra begin talking about their big fight. “Maybe I wasn’t there for you,” Tamra admits to Vicki and then runs off in tears. The only person who follows Tamra is Heather, who tells her life is too short and to come back and join the party. The host escorts Heather back to the table and it is obviously an awkward situation. 

Now that the sun has set, dessert is being served inside Heather’s “rec room.”  Let’s just say Heather has one fancy rec room.  Vicki is trying to be the bigger person and congratulates Tamra on her new fitness center.  This is where Tamra grabs Vicki by the arm and drags her to the wine cellar room.  “It’s a family thing, you might not always agree, but you love them,” Tamra tells Vicki.  Vicki is in tears and says she is not happy, because she isn’t with Brooks.  This is where Tamra admits she doesn’t want a man to get in between them and she says the words – I’m sorry.  Right away, Vicki says she is sorry too.  A teary-eyed Vicki then says goodbye and leaves the party. 

There is one housewife not at the party, because she was purposely left off the guest list.  Bravo shows us Alexis and Jim having a date night out at a dance lesson studio.  This is where Alexis admits that the couple (Jim) was having a hard time last year because he lost a lot of money on a house.  But now the couple is putting on a happy front and have even opened a new business together – a trampoline park.  If Alexis isn’t going to be hanging around the ladies this year – why is she on the show?  Does anyone want to see her and Jim hang out?

Gretchen stops by Slade’s new gig as a radio host.  And guess who Slade is making fun of on the air – Vicki and her plastic surgery! Gretchen is like a proud mama that her boyfriend has a real job.

Awe, we get to see Briana’s new baby, Troy.  Briana is annoyed that her mom is redecorating the entire house with the baby living there.  Vicki wants to put her style on the house, since Don is no longer there, and of course in typical Vicki-style she is going overboard.   “I’ll cut her some slack, now that I know – it’s hard being a mom,” Briana admits.

Tamra is catching Eddie up on the whole Vicki situation and what happened at the clambake. “She’s about lying, cheating and deceiving,” Eddie tells Tamra.  He highly recommends that she doesn’t become friends with Vicki again. 

Is it me or is Tamra the problem?  Are you on Team Tamra or Team Vicki?  Do you want them to be friends again?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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Photo & Video Credit: Bravo

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2 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Is The Evil Eye Back?”

  1. cookie Says:
    April 14th, 2013 at 12:32 am

    I’ve always thought that Tamra was a very insecure woman. She spends way too much time saying catty things and minding other’s business. Either she is faking outrage when called on her actions, or she isn’t bright enough to realize that her mean-girl attitude isn’t clever, cute, or funny–just mean. Vicky jumped into romance on the rebound with a guy who seemed like a user and loser. Her friends/family were legitimately worried, and now Vicky seems embarrassed about the whole mess. Don’t know if she dumped him, or he ran after he got what he wanted

  2. Kirsten Says:
    April 14th, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    I’ll admit watching RH is my guilty pleasure and I return for subsequent seasons. However, Tamara manages to knock it down to lower levels of entertainment with her awful attitude…which seems to be contagious I.e. Gretchen…
    The insecurity and immaturity Tamara displays may finally turn me off from the OC – it’s no longer interesting to see what comes out of Tamara’s mouth – she beyind thr shock factor and is now just disgusting!


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