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The Voice Recap: Usher Scores His First Win Over Adam Levine

April 08, 2013 07:17 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on The Voice, the blind auditions continued with some incredible talent, and some fun battling between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Tonight, the coaches discovered more awesome voices, and the rookies proved that they were settling in nicely.

Tonight, the blind auditions continued, and at the start of the show, the mentors seemed as though they were getting along – a little too well!

And then it was time for the talent, which began with Jeff Lewis, no, not from Flipping Out. This Jeff worked on a golf course, and he was obviously trying to impress Usher with You Got It Bad. It worked because Jeff ended up on team Usher. Then we saw an older contestant in Shawna P, a 45-year-old artist, who was not about to give up on her dream. When she gave a very Janis Joplin sounding version of She Talks To Angels, she managed to win over Shakira.

Note to everyone interested – Blake Shelton is certain that his hips don’t lie. Really. That came after the other mentors were mocking his dance moves.

And then the banter between the judges began – we knew it was coming. Is everyone else loving the chemistry between these four as much as we are? When Caroline Glaser, an 18-year-old coffee house singer wowed the mentors with an Elton John tune, Shakira whipped out the big guns – or at least the big words. Usher and Blake Shelton were left wondering what diaphanous meant as the three fought over Caroline. Caroline chose team Blake.

Before you go and whip out the dictionary, we are certain that Shakira was referring to Caroline’s delicate sound.

Cameron hit the stage next and certain that his rendition of As Long As You Love Me would win the coaches over, or worst case scenario, at least win the ladies over. Good thing this is The Voice, so the mentors could not see his bright blue jeans, red bow tie and yellow shoes. Too bad Cameron couldn’t sing as well as he could bust a move – no one turned for him.

And somehow, the conversation among mentors turned to Blake Shelton and how with a new hairstyle, the other mentors could have him looking like the Lorax.

But did all the jokes tonight take their toll on Blake? Oddly, when Michael Austin, a deputy sheriff rocked out to Keith Urban, Blake did not turn around, but Adam did! Usher held off hoping to see Blake and Adam fight it out, but Shakira turned instead. Michael went team Adam, much to Blake’s dismay!

Perhaps Sasha Allen could manage to get Blake’s attention? The 30-year-old mother and former background singer gave a powerful performance of Not Ready To Make Nice by The Dixie Chicks. It was so good, that Sasha managed to get the attention of all four judges. Sasha was so good, the judges pulled out all the stops to get her. Shakira played the “woman” card, calling the guys “animals,” while Usher admitted that he would be an “animal” to take his contestant to a win. Adam won the fight though, after playing the seasoned mentor card with Sasha. All four mentors were in agreement on one thing – Sasha could win it all.

Lesson to future hopefuls – do not try to pull off a dance tune! Matt Cermanski could not manage to impress the mentors with his awful rendition of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. But at least we had a laugh. And then we saw a few quickies, as Usher picked up R&B artist Jamila Thompson, while Adam snagged Pop singer Amy Whitcomb. Meanwhile, Blake scored two more in Country crooner Justin Rivers and Pop/Rocker Michelle Raitzin.

Shakira thought she had the next one in the bag when Mary Miranda hit the stage with a Selena song, which was in Spanish. However, Blake and Usher also turned as well for her powerful voice. But Shakira was right, she had this one in the bag, as Mary jumped on team Shakira, which left Shakira with only one spot on her team left! And the bashing of Blake began, because, well, he doesn’t understand Spanish, but in his defense, not many folks understand him as he put it.

Grace Askew definitely understood Blake though, when she hit the stage with a good ole Country sound. Too bad Shakira threw a wrench in Blake’s plan by hitting her button as well, and Blake just about had a fit when she did. “You and I could make history on this show, and if you choose Shakira, you’ll be history,” Blake pleaded. It worked, Grace ended up team Blake.

Last but not least tonight was Ryan Innes, a soulful singer, who shared his sad tale of being left by his fiancee before his wedding, which led him to singing. Ryan immediately won over Adam and Blake with his amazing rendition of Gravity. And it only took a few more seconds for Shakira and Usher to turn for this incredible artist. The battle of the mentors began, and Adam even offered to kick Ryan in the stomach if it would help him choose him. However, much to Adam, Blake, and Shakira’s dismay, Ryan decided to go with Usher! Usher finally managed to get his first win over Adam!

Each coach was left with only one open spot on their team, so tune in tomorrow as the blind auditions comes to a close.

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