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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Back To Square One

April 09, 2013 07:30 PM by Lisa Princ

Just when we thought things could not get any worse than last week’s performance by the aspiring chefs horrible contestants on  Hell’s Kitchen, it just did! With one stupid mistake after another, Gordon Ramsay‘s wrath was out in full force tonight. Yikes!

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, we were left with Gordon Ramsay deciding who to send home, after sending Mary and Jacqueline back to the group. Most viewers were thinking that it was going to be Nedra who was sent packing, but in a surprise move, Ramsay decided to send Jeremy home! That decision was, of course, a no-brainer since Jeremy tried to send out the sample plate last week.

And things continued to go downhill tonight for the chefs. We’re still trying to figure out what was funnier though: Gordon Ramsay’s wrath on the chefs, or the chefs ready to beat the crap out of each other. Oh yes, it was a fun night, if you missed it, you really need to catch it online if you can.

First on the warpath was Nedra, who decided to take out all her frustrations on the blue team. She was tossing around all sorts of threats to the guys – and some of them were sweating! But even funnier yet was when Ray and Dan had a go at it in the dorms. Ray was mocking Dan, and when Dan heard him and came out, Ray unleashed his crazy side, taunting Dan to do something about it. Dan kept his cool though, and remained calm, much to our dismay – we were hoping to see a good brawl onscreen.

Oh, and for a brief second there, Mary thought she may be pregnant. Thank goodness her test came back negative, can you imagine that one?

In the kitchen, things did not go any better. After a lesson is how horribly the wait staff gets treated, Ramsay sent one chef from each kitchen out to play waiter tonight. And comically, Barrett, who claimed he was a waiter for six years, could not create a proper ticket to save his life. And Gordon Ramsay’s patience started to go out the window…

But that lack of patience only got smaller and smaller with each stupid mistake by the kitchens. Numerous times, we watched Nedra and Mary attempt to send out raw pork, infuriating Gordon. Meanwhile, on the blue side, Ray and Dan could not get it together to properly cook a piece of fish, and sent up multiple raw pieces instead. And Ramsay’s anger escalated.

Did anyone else feel sorry for Anthony, who cooked so many perfect meat dishes, only to have them tossed in the trash when the fish was raw? Finally, when he could not take any more, Gordon Ramsay kicked everyone out of the kitchen and finished up dinner service by himself. Well, with the help of his staff – you get the idea.

After what seemed to be the chefs going straight back to square one, Ramsay had a tough decision of who to get rid of. The red team nominated both Mary and Nedra, while the blue team nominated Dan and Ray. And Dan proved to be a pompous jerk as he was giving his team members the middle finger behind his back (so Ramsay would not see it). Thanks to Zach for pointing that out to Gordon.

In the end, Gordon made all four chefs take off their jackets, and then….left us hanging for another week! That’s definitely one way to keep us tuning in!

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3 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Back To Square One”

  1. carrosserie maroc Says:
    April 11th, 2013 at 3:59 am

    I don’t understand something about the bad contestants. Don’t they see the previous shows? If not they should because they offer great insight to what he likes and what he hates

  2. Christine McDow Says:
    April 11th, 2013 at 5:01 am

    I am sure most of the time they do, but they all think they are GREAT and will do nothing wrong. I am sure casting casts two or three good cooks and everyone else is just there for the drama. :)

  3. whateveryou Says:
    May 13th, 2013 at 10:31 am

    I agree with Christine. You look at some of the contestants over the years & wonder where they find these people. Even if your personality is that flawed & you love to be in the middle of the drama, most of us would at least put our best foot forward on the telly. But I think some of these types really think they’re too good to question themselves.


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