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Ryan Innes, Shawna P., Sasha Allen, Amy Whitcomb, And Mary Miranda Dish On The Voice

April 10, 2013 12:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Monday night on The Voice, the talent was evident once again as the coaches quickly filled up their teams. Now, the incredible artists we watched dished on their experience thus far!

Ryan Innes, Shawna P, Mary Miranda, Sasha Allen, and Amy Whitcomb were among the talented artists to score a spot on the show this season. Yesterday, these talented singers chatted with the media about their experience so far. Check out the interview below!

Ryan Innes on what he hopes to learn from Usher:
I’m used to sitting behind the piano…I am used to playing that scenario. I am not used to be up on stage, and Usher obviously has some chops in that department. I am hoping he can teach me how to work an audience, instead of being behind a piano.

Ryan on surprising the mentors with his non Soul appearance:
I just like to sing and I happen to look this way. Getting on the show and singing is all I wanted to do. I have a beard, I like to eat, I’m just a normal regular guy.

Ryan’s biggest supporter:
First and foremost, my mom. She is the musical part of the family. She was the one who wouldn’t let me play football in high school unless I played the piano. She is very passionate about me doing music, she was ecstatic when I decided to do this.

Shawna P on her journey so far on The Voice:
So far it has been an absolute whirlwind and wonderful. It’s been an epic moment for me, and changed my life already.

Why Shawna chose Shakira over Adam:
A lot of people have been asking that. My answer is simple, I am an artist, but for some reason on that stage, logic kicked in for me. Shakira has sold more albums worldwide than any coach on the panel, and she’s International. With my age comes roadblocks, and I felt she would help expose me to more of an audience. She also just said some things to me that were very encouraging. Like how she recognized the natural talent I have. I really clicked with her, but Adam is fantastic though.

Amy Whitcomb on the singing prior to the show:
Honestly, singing with Noteworthy in college was the first real outlet for performances that I had, and it helped build me a lot as a musician. It helped me find my voice, even though I was singing in the group. It definitely prepared me for this experience.

Whether or not Mary Miranda will continue to sing Latin music:
I’m not planning to do that, but if I have the opportunity to do it again, I will. I am representing what I am – I am a Latina.

Why Mary chose Shakira:
Shakira is doing so much. She supports her team, and she is really helping me grow up in this industry. I am expecting the best from her because she is a wonderful person and artist. She is a great coach.

Sasha Allen on choosing Adam Levine: You always think you know what you want to do intially. Then they start speaking and some speak to your heart more than others, and you just make that decision in that moment. It was just a feeling from the heart. There was a passion and a fire coming from Adam.

Sasha’s thoughts on being Judith Hill’s biggest competition:
I wouldn’t say that Judith and I are the same type of singer. I guess we would be similar type. I just need to continue to sing from my heart and stay true to myself. That’s all I can do.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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