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Project Runway Recap: Europe, Here We Come!

April 12, 2013 04:24 AM by Donna W. Martin

Thursday night’s episode of Project Runway brought us this season’s final challenge before the Mercedes Benz fashion week finale. Did Michelle survive her do or die moment? Or did she crash and burn? Who wowed the judges? And who was cut from the competition? Take the jump to find out!

Last week’s episode ended with Michelle facing a do or die moment. She and the other remaining designers were called back to the runway where they were told no one would be going home. Instead, it was time for them to see the world. Heidi explained that for the final challenge, the designers would each travel to a different European city, except Michelle, who was to stay in New York City, where they would draw inspiration and purchase textiles to create a high-end runway look.

The designers were told they would have a sewing assistant again this week and that they would accompany them to Europe. Plus they would have a budget of $1,000 US to purchase their textiles. Oh and one more thing… they had no time to waste because they were leaving for the airport that night.

Layana’s assistant was Samantha and they went to Barcelona, Spain. Patricia was paired with Kate and they went to Paris, France. Daniel was given Amanda to work with and they jetted off to Berlin, Germany. Stanley had Richard for an assistant and they went to London, England. And Michelle was paired with Tu and they remained in New York City.

The next day, the designers spent time exploring their cities for inspiration. Stanley and Richard ended up at Big Ben where Stanley eyed the windows. He noticed how they got darker and darker the higher up they went and sketched his design as he wondered ‘what if a woman lived up there…she would be dark.’ Then he and Richard were off to shop at The Berwick Street Cloth Shop.

Daniel and Amanda had an emotional visit to the Berlin Wall but it was the Burohaus Henriette-Herz Platz-3 building that caught his attention. He loved the geometric angles and decided that would be the inspiration for his design. Then he and Amanda went to the Berlin Cathedral to sketch. She reminded him to design for a younger crowd. Then they went shopping for leather, suede, and silk at Stoffhaus, however, they didn’t have any leather or silk so Daniel had to rethink his design. He went with white vinyl for a jacket and planned to pair it with a black dress.

Patricia decided she didn’t want to go with the traditional romantic side of Paris. Instead, she was struck by the gritty installation wall graffiti. She and Kate went to the Eiffel Tower where she sketched a fitted jacket and pants before heading to Au Bonheur Des Dames to shop. Patricia was kind of all over the place, ended up way over budget, and had to put some of the fabric back.

Michelle was sad because she didn’t get to go to Europe and spent some time in her room feeling homesick, lonely, and emotional as self-doubt crept into her mind. But she shook it off and went with Tu on a bus ride of the city. She loved how the old buildings were sandwiched in between the new ones and was inspired by the left over soot from coal burning still visible on the sides of the old buildings. Then she and Tu went to Mood to shop for wool cashmere and leather.

Layana was most struck by the architectural patterns she and Samantha observed as they made their way around Barcelona. They went to the La Sagrada Familia Antoni Gaudi to sketch. Layana decided on a leather jacket with a tile pattern, skinny pants, and a simple tank top for her design. Then she and Samantha went shopping at Gratacos but they didn’t have any leather. So she settled for a lace pattern.

The next day, the designers were back in New York City. Everyone was happy to be back in the workroom except Michelle. She was still bummed about not getting to go to Europe but she didn’t have time to dwell on it and got to work.

Patricia created a layered textile using silk chiffon and organza. Samantha loved it but Stanley wasn’t feeling it. Meanwhile Daniel worked on a pair of thigh high boots that would accompany his garment. And Michelle thought they looked like hooker boots.

Later, Tim came in to check everyone’s progress. Overall, he was impressed by their work thus far. However, he was concerned Layana didn’t have enough time to complete her look and told Patricia she should consider changing her jacket to a top. He reminded the designers they had a long way to go to be ready for the runway.

The next day, the designers scurried to finish their looks before it was time to hit the runway. Layana finally started sewing her jacket. Then the models came in for their final fitting and before they knew it, time was up.

After the runway show, the judges critiqued the designs. Daniel was up first. Nina said he captured the beat of the Berlin underground movement and said his jacket and boots were phenomenal. Guest judge, John Legend said he loved the dress and boots. Zac thought his use of white pleather was brave and said the look as a whole was terrific. Heidi agreed saying his garment looked young, modern, and hip.

Nina said she absolutely loved Stanley’s look. Heidi agreed saying he had turned up the volume by being very simple. Zac said he captured the mystery of London and John said it was gorgeous and elegant.

Zac said Layana made smart material choices but that her shirtsleeves were an eyesore. Nina agreed saying they looked old fashioned. Heidi said the neckline of her coat was interesting but there was no sex appeal and it looked too old lady. John agreed saying he didn’t think most women would feel hot wearing her garment.

Zac said Patricia’s top reminded him of trash Couture and that it looked messy, lumpy, and dumpy. Nina agreed saying it looked odd like cotton candy gone wrong. John said the overall look didn’t work for him and that the shape was blah. Heidi said the top was special and had an unusual shape but needed something more interesting on the bottom instead of the black slacks.

Nina really liked Michelle’s garment saying this was her comeback and that she had captured the spirit of New York City. John said he loved the look especially how the cashmere walked the runway. Heidi said she loved the silhouette but didn’t like the fabric because it looked dirty. And Zac said it had a New York quality.

Then Heidi asked each designer why they should go to fashion week and who else should go with them. Stanley said he should go because he had evolved as a designer and that Daniel and Michelle should go with him.

Patricia said she should go because she would have more time to work on her textiles and do different looks. She said Michelle and Stanley should go with her.

Layana said she didn’t have as much experience as the other designers but felt she should go to fashion week because she knew who she was as a designer. She said Michelle and Stanley should go with her.

Daniel said he thought he should go because Berlin had inspired him to make a beautiful collection and that Stanley and Michelle should go with him.

Michelle said she should go because she wanted to create a collection of clean, modern sportswear with a dirty edge. She thought Stanley and Layana should be the designers going with her.

The judges dismissed the designers during final deliberations and then called them back to hear their decision. Heidi told Stanley he was in and could leave the runway. Daniel and Michelle were also in which left Patricia and Layana in the bottom two.

Heidi told Layana the judges were not impressed with her garment because it looked like a housecoat and that she didn’t show the spirit of Barcelona in her design. Then Heidi told Patricia that she liked her look but the other judges had major issues with it explaining they thought it was too sloppy and unflattering and that she had relied too much on the textile rather than design.

In the end, Heidi told Layana she was out and told Patricia she was in.

What did you think of Thursday night’s episode of Project Runway? Were you surprised to see Michelle make it through her do or die moment? Were you shocked that Patricia made it through to fashion week? And what did you think when Layana was eliminated? Did the judges get it right? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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2 Responses to “Project Runway Recap: Europe, Here We Come!”

  1. norblomst Says:
    April 12th, 2013 at 7:08 am

    Ding dong, the b!tch is dead.
    so glad Layana was auf-ed. it took much longer because we had to endure the teams for as long as we did. NEVER AGAIN, PR! Unless you want to lose the few remaining loyal fans you have.

  2. tsquared Says:
    April 12th, 2013 at 9:33 am

    I couldn’t disagree more with norblomst. This isn’t a personality competition. It’s a design competition. Patricia’s got some interesting textile making skills, but her garments were atrocious. Layana, although controlling and rude, has great promise as a designer and should have edged out Patricia. But it’s important to be politically correct, and Native American is just that!


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