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Survivor: Caramoan Interview — Michael Snow Didn’t Know Corinne Kaplan Was Labeling Him ‘The Gay’

April 12, 2013 01:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

When it came to the Fans tribe on Survivor: Caramoan — Fans Vs. Favorites, there was one castaway in particular who I had very high hopes for.  Michael Snow, who was just booted from the game, proved he was a strategic thinker who was willing to make any changes necessary to keep himself alive in the game.  A combination of unlucky factors heavily played into his eventual Enil Edam demise in which he became the first member of the jury.  In a conference call with reporters, Michael talked about the moment he was voted out, expressed his feelings about being labeled by Corinne as “The Gay” and weighed in on the strategy he was hoping would push him deep into the game.

Question: Did you know you were getting voted off or was it a surprise?

Michael Snow: I was surprised when the votes came out, but I wasn’t surprised moments later.  I knew that this whole season there was Idol mania.  The Favorites were so afraid of the Idol. …

Question: You are the first member of the jury.  Is there a sense of relief that you at least made it that far?

Michael Snow: Sure.  Yeah.  But I really was out there to play to get to the end and play hard.  I’m happy to be on the jury and be there to watch the game play out and hang out with all the other losers in losers’ lodge, but I just really wanted to win.  That was really more on my mind.

Question: Looking back, what could you have done differently to save your skin before going to that Tribal Council?

Michael Snow: There’s a couple of things that I could have done, but that wasn’t the game I was playing.  Reynold offered me the Idol, but I was like, “I can’t take your Idol” because I thought they were gonna vote for him.  That was one thing I could have done, but I wasn’t gonna do it.  The other was to not trust Dawn.  She had come to me and said, “Are you voting with the five?  Now may be the time to make a move.”  So she led me into believing she was going to do something, but I didn’t fully trust her and I should have gone to somebody else.  I should have turned up the heat.

Question: Do you feel you were a victim of bad luck or was it the way you positioned yourself?

Michael Snow: It’s both.  There definitely were a lot of circumstances that played into it, but I was making decisions and choices all along.  How hard to play, who to play with, who to vote out.  It’s both.  I can’t walk out of this season and be a “bitter Betty” and be like, “It all happened to me.”  I was a master of some of my own destiny.  I definitely was a victim of circumstances as well.  Just having to play against people returning was tough.  That was a lot to come up from at the very beginning.

Question: What was your strategy?

Michael Snow: I wanted to play a middle-of-the-road, on-the-fence kind of game.  I wanted to be smart and strong at everything, but not a threat at anything.  I wanted to have a nice, strong, logical social game.  I wanted to build an alliance.  I wanted to be strong in the challenges.  I knew I wouldn’t be a threat, but as long as I played hard they would want to keep me around.  I worked hard.  I didn’t cause trouble.  If there was trouble I would sit there and laugh and watch it.  I just wanted to always be playing it smart and be aware of what was happening around me.

Question: We know that you were very close with Matt, but you quickly bonded with Corinne after the tribal swap.  Being so close to both, which player’s elimination was more detrimental to your game?

Michael Snow: I was very close with Matt, but when Corinne was voted off it changed circumstances more dramatically for me.  When Matt was voted off, I was still in the same boat as the day before.  When Corinne was voted off, any plan we had to move forward was out the window and I felt like all eyes were on me as the number one target for being the tool with Corinne.  There was a big target on my back, so Corinne being voted out was a huge, huge change in my game.

Question: Did you know that she was referring to you as “The Gay”?

Michael Snow: (Laughs) No.  It didn’t bother me.  A lot of people have wondered about that.  It didn’t bother me at all.  She’s fine.  She’s funny. …  It wasn’t a big deal.  It didn’t bother me at all.  She was awesome out there.  She was loyal.  She was fun.  We had a great time and I was happy to play the game with her.

Question: How did your relationship progress with Sherri throughout the season?

Michael Snow: I was definitely working very closely with Sherri over on the other (original Gota) tribe.  I was working with Matt and Julia more closely, but we were also working with Sherri.  I talked to her.  We hung out.  We were pretty tight.  She’s a good player, so when she came over in the merge and things started going differently, she wasn’t trusting me — and rightly so.  It wasn’t the same relationship we had before, but you really didn’t get to see much of it even though we worked together for a long time.

Question: What about Brenda and Erik?  Did you have any alliances with them that we just didn’t get to see?

Michael Snow: I don’t think Brenda trusted me once the merge came because she knew I was close with Corinne and I had caught wind that maybe Brenda had it out for Corinne.  So, I told Corinne and it got back to Brenda.  So, Brenda didn’t trust me.  I couldn’t work with Brenda, but Erik, I was hoping that he would fall in with us at some point.  Originally he was going to when Corinne was still around.  He had said stuff like, “Oh, maybe in the future we’ll be working together” and stuff like that.  The option was there, it just wasn’t happening at that point.

What are your thoughts on what Michael had to say?  Were you sad to see him get voted off?  What do you think of his strategy as he explained it?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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