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The Big Foxtrot Fight Between Karina Smirnoff And Jacoby Jones

April 12, 2013 12:00 PM by Christine McDow

After week three of this seasons Dancing With The Stars, pro dancer Karina Smirnoff sat down and discussed her partner, Jacoby Jones.  Not only did she dish on their chemistry and how it is to dance with him, but she told SheKnows.com a little bit about their first argument, over the Foxtrot!

First of all, two-fold congratulations are in order — you guys made it through AND Jacoby was crowned Prom King last week!

Karina Smirnoff: That was really cool! I love Jacoby so much, because he did a great job in rehearsals with the rumba… he really did. He tried his hardest, he practiced, and just everything he was learning at rehearsal, he showed me what he was working on and how it looked — but for him to nail that character on the night more than any other time in rehearsal or camera block, that was like… wow. We finished and we were looking at each other, and he was like, “We nailed it.” And I was like, “Yes, you did. You nailed it!”

SK: Do you think you and Jacoby’s chemistry lent itself well for such an emotional performance?

KS: You know, we have great chemistry. He calls me the female version of himself, haha! We get along really well — we laugh a lot. And, definitely, last week we were absolutely in sync!

SK: Uh, oh! Sounds like there is a “but” coming…

To find out what the “but” was and to see what Karina Smirnoff had to say about the first big fight between her and Jacoby Jones, click here!

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