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Wife Swap Recap: Rules Versus Freedom

April 12, 2013 05:04 AM by Megan Thompson

Wife Swap is all new tonight on ABC. This week a strict mother switches houses with a woman who believes that rules don’t apply. Which family do you agree with?

We first meet the Martin family who believe that rules shouldn’t exist.  And by no rules, it truly means the kids run the house the way they want to.  Dayna, the mom, home schools all four children.  “I think schools are like prisons,” Dayna tells the cameras.  But since the 11 -year old can’t ready yet –  it doesn’t seem like she is doing the best job. Of course, Wife Swap has to find the complete opposite of the Martin family and they hit the jackpot with the Avery-Lamb family.  This family of four is run by mom, Cindy.  Her husband feels that Cindy would have  made an excellent drill sergeant, because of how strictly she runs the house.  Cindy likes her house, husband and kids in perfect order at all times.

The moms kiss their husbands goodbye and head for their new house for the next two weeks.  Cindy isn’t happy by the lack of cleanliness in her new home; she finds hair and food all over the kitchen.  “I’m very surprised that a woman would keep a house like this,” Cindy says in disgust.  And then Cindy opens the manuals only to find there are no rules and the children are home schooled. “Why did you even have kids if you are not going to be the parent to them?” Cindy says in frustration.  Out in San Diego, Dayna is having a rough time believing that children actually live in the pristine looking house.   But when she reads the manual she finds out that certain furniture in the house can’t be sat on – that might have something to do with it.

Now it’s time for the wives to meet their new families for the next two weeks.  Right away, Cindy questions Joe about the schooling of the children and how dirty the house is.  “You don’t think it’s clean?” Joe asks.  “Heck No!” Cindy tells him.  It really freaks Cindy out when she learns that Tiffany (11-year old) can’t read basic words.  By the end of the night, Cindy is so grossed out by the Martin family’s house that she decides to stay at a hotel.  The dog licking the dishes put her over the edge! On the other side of the country Dayna can’t believe she has to do military style checks on the kids’ room to make sure they are spotless.

It’s a new day and Dayna finds it difficult to wake up the Avery-Lamb house by setting off the fire alarm.  She doesn’t understand why Cindy wouldn’t wake her children up with a simple hug and a kiss.  What happened to alarm clocks? While the kids are at school Dayna has to do all the cleaning around the house.  After seeing how hard Andre is on his children, Dayna wants to talk to him about it.  “Why are you holding back your love?” Dayna asks him.  She believes that Andre is being emasculated, but he doesn’t see it that way. 

After a night in the hotel, Cindy comes back to the house to start her day with the Martins.  The morning is going well until one of the kids swears at Cindy.  Cindy can’t believe that these children have no rules, no filters and no responsibilities.  She confronts Joe about her feelings and it starts to get heated.  When she thought things couldn’t get worse, they do!  Devin, the 16-year old boy, decides to get his nose pierced while his dad takes photos of the event. 

It’s rule change time!  Cindy is ready to pull out the whip and change the rules she feels are necessary in the house.  “We are going to take the nastiness out of this house,” Cindy declares.  She also sets a bed time and a wake up time for the kids.  Plus, she is sending all the kids to school.  The family isn’t pleased with Cindy’s new rules and protest – since she stayed at a hotel all week.  The argument gets heated and Cindy walks out.  Joe finally agrees to participate in some of the rules even though he thinks Cindy failed at their rules.  The kids are put to work cleaning the house, but after a short time the kids start to rebel.  Now the kids have to go to bed, since it will be there first day of school tomorrow.  When Cindy sees all the kids are in bed, she leaves for her hotel.  As soon as Cindy leaves all the kids pop out of bed and go back to what they were doing. The next morning Cindy arrives with a bull horn to wake up the kids, but Joe stops her.  Joe doesn’t understand “scaring the crap” out of kids so early in the morning.  Who does?  But the kids never get to school because Joe and Cindy have a huge fight.  Joe blew the horn in Cindy’s face and she didn’t like that so much, so she left the house and slammed the door.  She never returned.

Dayna gives the number one rule, which is there are no rules.  The children couldn’t be happier by the no school rule!  She also declares the kids must be allowed to have their friends over the house.  Dayna is throwing a pizza party so all the kids can come over and hang out.  She also feels there is a major communication issue and a lack of love in the house, so a daily hug rule is implemented.  At the pizza party the kids are really enjoying themselves and Andre sees how wonderful and fun it is to have people over.  The next day, Dayna has the kids write down the things they want to change in the house.  Andre is very receptive of the kids’ lists and they all hug it out.     

The couples are reunited and are ready to talk about what they learned.  Right away, Joe apologizes to Cindy for the incident that happened yesterday.  Cindy isn’t hearing any of it and says they are abusing their children by not sending them to school.  This is where Dayna learns that Cindy refused to stay in her house.  Things get heated, so Joe grabs Dayna’s hand and they walk out as Cindy continues to yell at them.  All the while, Andre is just sitting there with nothing to say.  After a cooling off period, the couples sit down for more talking.  Dayna tells Cindy about all the positive experiences she had at her house.  As Cindy is sitting there laughing, Andre is agreeing with Dayna.  The couples shake hands and head back to their houses.

What did you think of tonight’s show?  Let us know what you think, leave a comment below.

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3 Responses to “Wife Swap Recap: Rules Versus Freedom”

  1. lily Says:
    April 12th, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    Tiff CAN read. That doesn’t mean she likes being quizzed by strangers!

    I can read, but ask me to read for the sake of proving it to you, and I wont either.

    And when i was a kid, id get stage fright and not even know my own name. Ever think of that?

    A stranger in your home, surrounded by cameras, and then being told all sorts of nasty stuff? I’d be nervous too.

    Tiff has her own facebook page too, so, yes, she can read and write.

  2. lily Says:
    April 12th, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    Sorry for the spelling errors – I’m on my phone.

  3. Jeff Says:
    June 1st, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    You’re crazy Lily. If you think for one second that those kids were normal, that that family was normal. Cindy’s kids were strong willed and loved their parents deeply. That woman probably came from nothing, and had to work for everything she had, So naturally, it was part of personality to be hard kids and family knew who she was, It was all just 90% attitude, but it came from a loving place. You’re out of your mind if you think the Martin’s were sane. The kid couldn’t read simple words, she didn’t even attempt to sound them out. The 17 year old kid pouted on a rock outside, It was a ter-ri-ble yet Laughable shame.. and that made for great television. :)


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