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The Amazing Race Recap: Who Cut The Cheese?

April 14, 2013 08:42 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The Amazing Race contestants have survived in the African safari (well, Pam and Winnie didn’t, but that’s another story) with the help of their bushmen buddies. But now, they’re off to Switzerland for some snowy adventures. How will the racers deal with the abrupt climate change?

Once again, the team in first place (this time, Anthony and Bates) has absolutely no advantage, seeing as the only flight out of Botswana and into Switzerland will be departing at 2 pm. This means that all the remaining contestants will be sharing the plane trip. This could get awkward, seeing as there’s still a ton of tension between a few of the teams…namely, the newlyweds (Max and Katie), the roller derby moms (Mona and Beth) and Team YouTube (Meghan and Joey).

That tension continues in Switzerland, where the roller derby moms and Team YouTube manage to miss a train, thus falling behind almost immediately. However, the remaining two teams of the JJ alliance are in luck, for the other racers discover that their clue will not arrive until the next morning. The roller derby and YouTube teams quickly catch up and everyone resumes waiting at the hotel.

A shepherd arrives in the morning with clues instructing the racers to take a train to Kleine Scheidegg. Upon their arrival, the teams are given rescue dogs. They must take these dogs on the train and travel to Jungfraubahnen. There, they have to climb out of an observation window and then across a super high rock wall. Once they make it across the wall, they’ll receive their next clue in the form of a gnome (uh, product placement, anyone?). Obviously, this strikes fear in the hearts of several racers, many of whom have made their fear of heights clear in past episodes. Country singer Jennifer finishes the Roadblock quickly, like a real champ, whereas Wynona freaks out the entire time and then starts whining to her husband when she gets back. This team is starting to really get on my nerves, and may have just passed up Max and Katie on the list of teams for which I’m hoping an elimination will arrive soon.

The next challenge involves massive wheels of cheese. Suddenly, I have an intense craving for dairy products. I have a feeling the racers may not have such an affinity for cheese after this challenge though, seeing as they appear to have a difficult time transporting it in the snow. Bates and Anthony once again find themselves leading the pack, while everyone else ends up stuck behind a very slow Katie.

Bates and Anthony check in to the pit stop first — no surprises there — and the roller derby moms take second for this leg of the race. Despite Katie’s difficulties with the cheese, her team manages to take third place, with country singers Caroline and Jennifer arriving shortly thereafter. This means that, once again, Team YouTube and Team Marital Strife (aka Chuck and Wynona) are facing the possibility of elimination. My prayers are answered though, and this time, Chuck and Wynona’s inability to communicate like adults finally lands them with an elimination that was a long time in the making. Whew!

PS: I recently discovered that Meghan of Team YouTube offers amazing video recaps each week! Check out her recap from the Botswana leg of the race:

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