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JWoww’s Close Call: Near Wardrobe Malfunction At MTV Movie Awards 2013

April 15, 2013 03:02 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The cast of Jersey Shore has never been all that adept at dressing for the occasion, unless the occasion involves a greasy bar crawl. This unfortunate fact was proven once again at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, where JWoww nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction in her super low-cut dress.

Based on some of the red carpet outfits donned at the MTV Movie Awards 2013, it’s pretty clear that there’s no strict dress code enforced at the event. JWoww is the perfect example of this, having attracted quite a bit of attention with an extremely low-cut dress. The celeb showed off a crazy amount of cleavage, to the point that it looked like a wardrobe malfunction was imminent. Fortunately, she somehow managed to keep the gown on throughout the course of the event.

This is most likely just another instance of JWoww being her usual self and showing off that boob job. But perhaps JWoww was just getting glammed up for the love of her life, Tom Hardy! Although she’s engaged and even brought her fiance along as a red carpet accessory, it appears that the reality star has a serious crush on the Inception actor. Shortly after the awards show ended, she tweeted, “Dear Tom Hardy…. Please attend the next movie awards so I can make out with u… Love ur girlfriend.” Somehow, we don’t think that JWoww is quite Tom’s type, which is why we’re pretty sure she’ll remain (as she predicted on Twitter) his “imaginary girlfriend.”

What do you think of JWoww’s red carpet look at the MTV Movie Awards 2013? Too much cleavage? Or is this just typical JWoww? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Photo Credit: MTV

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