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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Pickler Dick And Chmerkovskiy Sandwiches

April 16, 2013 08:07 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

After a night of dancing side by side with the pros, it’s time for yet another elimination on Dancing with the Stars. Will D.L. Hughley manage to defy expectations and stay in the competition? Or will we be losing one of the more talented performers?

The episode starts off with a very futuristic performance from the show, put together by the very talented Mark and Derek. I love it, by have to wonder if some people are going to be annoyed by the increasingly contemporary vibe of this show. Len’s already expressed displeasure with all the departures from traditional ballroom.

It’s time for results, and, no big surprises, Kellie and Derek are perfectly safe. Can’t say the same for Ingo Rademacher, the first contestant in jeopardy tonight. Zendaya is the second contestant to be declared safe, but strangely, this pronouncement is made while she’s in the middle of a Chmerkovskiy sandwich. Yeah, they asked Maks back out on the stage for the results. Next, we learn that Victor and Lindsay are in jeopardy, news that I don’t find particularly surprising.

The encore dance of the night is Jacoby’s, and while I thought he did a great job the other day, I didn’t really think it was deserving of the encore performance. I would have loved to see Zendaya again, but I suppose she can’t capture that honor every week. Jacoby’s huge jump over Karina’s head is eve more impressive the second time around.

Next, the band Perry dances while Tristan and Witney Carson dance. If Sean Lowe had a crush on Tristan before, that’s sure to intensify after this entertaining performance.

The next set of results are equally unsurprising: Aly and Jacoby are both safe. The bigger surprise arrives when we learn that next week will be team dances. Zendaya is chosen as one of the team captains, but she appears to have no idea what either of the proposed songs (Superstition and Higher Ground) are. I’ll give her a pass though, seeing as she’s only sixteen.

The next guest performance is Kerli, and while she sings, two amazing dancers perform a number choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance sweetheart Stacey Tookey. There’s a reason I love this choreographer on SYTYCD, and it’s great to see her work on DWTS as well. Kerli’s followed up by Selena Gomez, who, as you may have heard, recently stirred up major controversy by wearing a bindi.

We learn that Andy and Sean are both safe…and D.L. is in jeopardy. When the three teams in jeopardy stand nervously on the stage, it doesn’t take long for Tom to declare Ingo safe. And Victor’s safe too! So that means D.L. is out of the competition. I can’t say I’m all that disappointed.

So, is D.L. going to miss anything about the show? Well, when Tom asks, his immediate response is “Just Cheryl.” He quickly revises that answer though, saying that he’s had a good time. But that won’t stop him from getting one last dig at Len in — promising to give him that hip replacement that Bruno suggested earlier in the season.

Did you think it was about time for D.L. Hughley to go home? Sound off in the comments section below!

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