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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Actions Speak Much Louder Than Words

April 16, 2013 07:39 PM by Lisa Princ

Last time on  Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay had about all he could take of the stupid mistakes in an insane hour that left us feeling as though we were watching the very first episode. Tonight, the buffoons were back with their disastrous skills, but Ramsay was having no part of the nonsense. It was time to bring it instead of just foaming at the mouth, but with two special VIP guests, you know someone was bound to mess up!

I know, I know, you’re dying to know what happened to the four chefs that Gordon Ramsay left hanging last week, so I’ll cut right to the chase. Unfortunately, it was not an elimination fest tonight, but instead, Ramsay told Ray, Dan, Nedra, and Mary that they needed to earn their jackets back. If they could not do it by the end of service, they would be sent home.

Lucky for us (note the sarcasm here) both Dan and Ray earned theirs back by winning a Chinese food challenge. In the challenge, the teams needed to create some simple Chinese cuisine, with one catch – it was to be judged by Martin Yan, aka star of Yan Can Cook. The men impressed, which left me throwing objects at my television knowing I would be stuck watching Ray and Dan for another hour.

And then the arrogance came into play. I mean, I get it, Ray is older than the other guys, but if I had to choose between he and Dan, Dan would definitely get the boot. That is so arrogant, I can’t even stand to watch him. And apparently, his team feels the same way. Even when they earned a fun paintball day for winning the challenge, none of them could focus on anything but hitting Dan in the head with the paintballs. Back in the kitchen, the ladies prepped for service andf dined on eggs filled with baby chickens. Not kidding, it looked disgusting!

Dinner service was a fun one as usual, but this time there were special guests at the VIP Chef tables! In the blue kitchen, they were graced by the presence of actor, Rex Lee. In the red kitchen, they were cooking for So You Think You Can Dance’s one and only (and my personal fave from the show), Adam Shankman! But the awe lasted only a few seconds, as the chefs made sure they screwed up the VIP tables. Barrett almost served Rex Lee raw shrimp, while Susan made sure Adam Shankman’s lamb ended up on the floor. Luckily, both Lee and Shankman were great sports about it all.

Both Nedra and Mary managed to win back their jackets during dinner service, and they were thrilled. And then we were faced with yet another dose of arrogance by…wait for it….Dan! Yep, after being told by Ramsay that his cooking was great tonight, his head must have swelled 100 times its normal size, ugh. However, as Ramsay told both teams they were up for elimination, the blue team was determined to nominate the arrogance king, feeling that he was definitely one of their weakest links. Hey, one good service certainly doesn’t count when you’ve had too many disastrous ones to count, right?

On the red team, Susan and Jessica, who messed up on fish were both nominated, while Dan and Ray, who slowed down the blue kitchen were nominated. Dan tried to reason that his service was spot on tonight, but Anthony was quick to point out that he’s stunk the rest of the season. That left me cheering for Anthony…or maybe I just have a small crush on him. Gordon Ramsay chose to send Jessica home as he no longer saw any fire from her. Meanwhile, Dan vowed revenge on his team, yippee! That’s going to make for some sure fire fun next week!

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  1. Chef Dan Ryan Says:
    April 17th, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    He was just validating something I already knew. Ego still massive, but no bigger.


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