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Selena Gomez Bindi: Singer Offends During MTV Movie Awards

April 16, 2013 10:04 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

X Factor mentor Justin Bieber and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez are both experiencing their fair share of publicity slip ups this week! First, J Biebs managed to offend by expressing his sincere hope that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber…and now Selena is under fire for donning a bindi at the MTV Movie Awards!

Is Selena Gomez culturally insensitive? That’s the current accusation make the rounds in the aftermath of the singer’s performance at the MTV Movie Awards 2013. At the awards show, Selena tried to amp up the style factor by accessorizing with a bindi, but the singer mainly wound offending leaders in the Hindu community. One statesmen later explained to WENN, “The bindi on the forehead is an ancient tradition in Hinduism and has religious significance. It is also sometimes referred to as the third eye and the flame, and it is an auspicious religious and spiritual symbol.”

By using the bindi as a fashion accessory, Selena Gomez is believed to have disrespected the members of one of the world’s largest religious groups. According to the Universal Society of Hinduism, the bindi is not meant to  ”be thrown around loosely for seductive effects or as a fashion accessory aiming at mercantile greed,” which, of course, is exactly what Selena has been accused of doing.

Selena has yet to respond to the mass criticism regarding her use of the bindi at the MTV Movie Awards, but in a past interview, she did express her desire to expand her musical repertoire to include more of a focus on world music. Perhaps her use of the bindi was an attempt to accompany what she thinks of as a culturally inspired track? It’s hard to say, but knowing Selena, an apology can be expected in the near future.

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Photo Credit: MTV

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