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Ready For Love Recap: Meet Ben & Ernesto!

April 17, 2013 04:44 AM by Donna W. Martin

On Tuesday night’s episode of Ready For Love, airing on NBC at 9/8c, we met the remaining two bachelors, Ben and Ernesto. And much like Tim’s journey last week, we watched them endure blind introductions to twelve women and narrow the field to the nine they would like to get to know better. Then we watched them go on their first group and one-on-one dates before making the difficult decision to send one lady home. Who did they decide to keep? And who did they send home? Take the jump to find out!


Ernesto is a 33-year-old entrepreneur and philanthropist originally from Honduras currently living in Miami Beach. He was raised in a close family and feels like love is definitely something that’s missing in his life. However, he knows the girl of his dreams is out there somewhere and says she can’t hide forever.

Ernesto was introduced to his matches and chose the nine girls he wanted to get to know better. The ladies then spent some time with the matchmakers where they were given tips and pointers for the upcoming group date. Then it was time to meet up with Ernesto.

All of the ladies were loaded into a van and driven through Compton to a Habitat for Humanity home site. Helping others and making the world a better place is one of Ernesto’s passions and he wanted to share that with the ladies so he didn’t waste any time putting them to work.

He made sure to spend a little individual time with each of the women throughout the course of the day. But things took a nasty turn when he was spending some alone time with Olivia and Shandi interrupted because she needed some boards cut.

Olivia was visibly upset that her time with Ernesto had been cut short and she was quick to tell Shandi about it accusing her of having an attitude and telling her, she needed to lose it. Shandi kept her cool and told her she didn’t have an attitude; she was just trying to do a project.

But later, inside the house, Olivia ran off at the mouth referring to Shandi and said there’s got to be something wrong when you’re that old and not married. Again, Shandi kept her cool and didn’t say anything to Olivia however; later, she did compare Olivia to a gnat buzzing around.

Later, Ernesto touched base with the matchmakers and they told him their choices for his one-on-one dates. Tracy chose Victoria, Matt chose Mandy, and Amber chose Shandi.

Ernesto took the three ladies to a pool for some wine, snacks, and R&R. However, when he invited them to disrobe and get in the pool, Victoria refused saying it was too early. So he left her sitting by the pool and hopped on in with Shandi and Mandy.

Later, he invited Shandi to some one-on-one time in the Jacuzzi where they talked about marriage and how God needed to be a part of it. Then he invited Mandy to the cold pool where they shared a sweet embrace before deciding it was a bit too cold and went to the hot tub instead. He seemed to like Mandy and said he was impressed with her attitude.

Finally, he asked Victoria for some one-on-one time. He asked her why she was hesitant about getting in the pool and she said she wasn’t that type of person to have her boobs and butt hanging out. Then she talked smack about staying in the house with the other girls. Can anybody say awkward?

After the group and one-on-one dates, the matchmakers met with the ladies. Amber praised Shandi for handling the drama with Olivia well and for not bringing that drama to Ernesto’s attention.

Matt said Mandy created a nice moment to share a hug in the cold pool. And Tracy addressed Victoria’s behavior saying she didn’t take her tip about not being self-centered. Matt also commented saying Victoria had set off an alarm bell with Ernesto. Instead of being supportive and happy when times were bad, she had showed him that anytime she felt awkward, she was going to be a drama queen. And what guy wants that for life? Uh…None!

Then Tracy told Olivia that she needed to calm down and stay cool and that if she couldn’t get along with the other women, she would end up being a rotten partner.

Next, the matchmakers chose their bottom three to go up for elimination. Tracy chose Victoria for obvious reasons. Amber chose Erica saying she needed to have a voice. And Matt chose Kristen because he felt more of a brother/sister vibe than a love connection between her and Ernesto.

Ernesto came onstage where he was given the opportunity to save one of the three women immediately. He chose to save Kristen…I guess he’s not feeling the brother/sister vibe after all, Matt!

That left Erica and Victoria in the bottom two. In the garden, Ernesto heard from both of the women. Erica assured him she was there for the right reasons but said she wasn’t so sure about Victoria. And Victoria didn’t take her comment lightly telling her not to judge her.

In the end, Ernesto chose to say goodbye to Victoria, which means Erica, is safe for another week.


Ben is a 31-year-old successful businessman and the CEO of a Hospital who lives in Dallas. In his thirties, he’s ready to focus on his personal life and find that special someone. He believes using a matchmaker will help him find love faster because the compatibility is there.

Ben was introduced to his matches and much like Tim; he got a surprise when an ex-girlfriend Kari was among the contestants. Giuliana asked him if Kari had broken his heart in the past but he didn’t give her a direct answer. Instead, he was somewhat vague saying it was a really unhappy time when their relationship didn’t go to the next level. We’ll take that as a yes, she broke his heart!

But was he ready to give Kari another chance? Apparently so, because he chose her as one of the nine ladies he’d like to spend more time with. The ladies then spent some time with the matchmakers where they were given tips and pointers for the upcoming group date. Then it was time to meet up with Ben.

And if they thought the first date was going to be somewhere sweet and romantic, boy were they in for a surprise. Ben likes to stay active and he wants a woman that can keep up with him and one that’s not shy about being dirty and sweaty around him so he took them to a mud run where they ran through an obstacle course and got really dirty.

After the run, they all sat down, still dirty mind you, and ate lunch. Then he pulled Renae aside first for some alone time. And of course, she was the obvious choice because he was impressed that she smoked him on the mud run!

After Renae, Ben spent some alone time with each of the other ladies. But when he was trying to talk to Angela, Kari stood off to the side staring at them, which made Ben uncomfortable, so much so that he turned to the side so he couldn’t see her.

Then he talked to Kari. He told her when she broke things off with him that it broke his heart. She was emotional and told him she was putting her feelings on the line and if he was into her then he needed to show it and if he wasn’t to let it be. But Ben didn’t know what to do. He was experiencing some tough emotions remembering what they had together in the past. He wanted to get back to that place but he was holding back because he was scared. Then they hugged but was it a genuine hug from Kari? We’ll see…

Later, Ben touched base with the matchmakers and they told him their choices for the one-on-one dates. Tracy chose Katie. Matt chose Rachel. And Amber chose Tarryn.

Ben called Katie out first for some on-on-one time. They sat in a swing together and talked about her kids. He said he wasn’t thinking of her kids as a hindrance and explained that his mom had two kids when she met and fell in love with his step dad.

Then he spent some time alone with Rachel. He told her emotionally, it felt like he was in a relationship with someone he’d dated for a longtime but physically, he had only spent a handful of minutes with her and it was usually the other way around – you experience the physical attraction first. Then they shared a kiss and Rachel left feeling a connection.

Last but not least, Ben spent alone time with Tarryn. It was her birthday so he surprised her with a chocolate cake. As they talked, they both felt the chemistry building until she finally told him if he wanted to kiss her, he could. He assured her that he did want to kiss her and then they did…and boy did they!

Later the girls met with the matchmakers. Matt told Rachel she did good and even scored a kiss. But she hadn’t told the other ladies that little detail explaining this wasn’t a kissing contest, it’s about compatibility.

Amber told Tarryn she did great and asked her what the highlight of her date with Ben was. Tarryn said the chocolate birthday cake and when Amber asked if she wanted to elaborate on what she got for her birthday; Tarryn simply said a chocolate cake and some candles conveniently keeping her rather romantic kiss with Ben a secret.

Amber was somewhat disappointed in Kari for crying on the group date because she was hoping she would give him permission to date the other women and be on the same playing field. But instead, she had confused his emotions. And Matt chimed in saying he thought the hug wasn’t for Ben but for the other ladies instead.

Kari denied Matt’s claim and said the hug was for her. But Giuliana didn’t seem convinced so she asked Kari to close her eyes so she could poll the other ladies. She asked them to raise their hands if they thought Kari wanted them to see the hug. They all raised their hands. Then Kari purposely opened her eyes to see who all had their hands up. That got her feathers ruffled and she spouted, “I actually know Ben so I question all y’all’s motives for being here.”

But Tarryn wasn’t going to let that comment get by her without saying something. So she told Kari that she found it interesting that she and Ben had lived in the same city yet she waited until he came on the show to try to pursue him. Oh snap!

Amber took up for Kari saying she believed her heart was in the right place. And Bill reminded the ladies that it was Ben’s choice to keep Kari on the show.

Then the matchmakers chose the bottom three ladies to go up for elimination. Amber chose Kari. Matt chose Rachel. And Tracy chose Angela.

Ben came onstage where he was given the opportunity to save one girl immediately. He chose Angela, which left Kari and Rachel in the bottom two.

In the garden, he asked them if they had anything they wanted to say. Rachel said she felt a connection and couldn’t imagine leaving without him. Then he asked to see Kari in private. He told her he was really hurt and asked her if she really wanted to do this explaining if she wasn’t ready to go through the process, not to make him break Rachel’s heart. Kari assured him she’d be happy for him if he found someone and fell in love with them and told him to go with his heart.

In the end, he chose to send Rachel home and kept Kari. Rachel was visibly upset as were the other ladies when they saw that Kari was still in the running for Ben’s heart.

Phew! What a night!

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Ready For Love? Were you shocked by Victoria’s behavior at the pool with Ernesto? Were you surprised that Ben chose to keep Kari? And do you think she’s on the show for the right reasons? We know you have an opinion so sound off in the comments and tell us all about it!

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