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Amanda Bynes Trash Talks Kid Cudi On Twitter

April 18, 2013 07:59 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Is Amanda Bynes the new Lindsay Lohan? Recent legal troubles and frequent partying suggest that the answer to that all-important question is yes. And according to some, Amanda just might be passing up LiLo when it comes to plummetting public perception, especially in light of the celeb’s recent rant targeting ex-boyfriend and The Voice guest star Kid Cudi.

Amanda Bynes is not happy with the media at present. She feels that she has been unfairly attacked — both in words and in the posting of photos she perceives to be unflattering (never mind the far less flattering pictures she herself has posted to her Twitter account). All this frustration has come out in the form of angry Twitter posts, the most recent of which was targeted at Complex Media. In a long Twitter rant, the celeb complained at length about “fake articles,” demanding that these pieces be taken down immediately.

According to Amanda, Complex Media’s negative coverage of the celeb is largely a result of the publication being “d*** whipped” by hip hop artist Kid Cudi, referred to as Amanda’s “ugly ex.” Amanda complained at length about Complex constantly quoting the “ugly duckling” and taking professional shots of him for their featured covers. And all this, even though, as Amanda claims, “his best photos aren’t s*** compared to mine at my best.”

Another interesting tidbit we gleaned from Amanda’s Twitter rant? She’s still considering transitioning from acting into music. The celeb explained that Interscope had offered a record deal right after she filmed the hit movie Hairspray and added, “I still might take them up on their offer.”

Of course, a lot has happened since Amanda Bynes’ appearance in Hairspray. Given all the negative attention she’s managed to attract, we’re not sure Interscope will still be all that eager to take her on board. But if she really wants to achieve the label of the new Lindsay Lohan, the release of an underwhelming record just might do the trick!

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