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Project Runway Recap: Season Finale Part One

April 19, 2013 04:30 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, we saw part one of the two-part season finale. Who designed the best collection? Which designers made it through to fashion week? And which designer was sent home brokenhearted? Take the jump to find out.

The final four designers were sent home with a budget of $10,000 and given five months to create a cohesive line consisting of twelve looks.

Four months later, Tim went to see the designers at their studios to check in on their progress. He spent time with Patricia in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. She had some interesting pieces including a leather mesh piece that would become the top of a dress, a black cape with horsehair, a hand-felted wool piece, and a jacket that was supposed to inspire the fate of youth. Tim loved her ability to take literal themes and interpret them into her textiles but he thought this piece was too in your face, which made it look crafty.

Then he went to see Michelle in Portland, Oregon. The inspiration for her collection was a lone wolf. And while she didn’t have many pieces completed, Tim liked what she showed him, which included a fabulous hunting coat, a skirt, and a breastplate. He said he could see her through and through in the garments but told her not to over design.

Next, Tim went to see Daniel in Austin, Texas. Daniel was inspired by his trip to Berlin, Germany and nebulas around planets explaining that’s where the cream, blue, red, and black color palette came from. Tim loved Daniel’s collection saying his black jacket was stunning. He suggested Daniel add a black tuxedo strip down the leg of his red pants and completely get rid of the blue cashmere top that looked more like grandma’s robe.

Tim went to Los Angeles, California to see Stanley, who found inspiration in the 60’s and Spain. Tim questioned his capelet and said he may need to edit down. And he didn’t understand the color palette Stanley was using with his coat. However, when Stanley paired the coat with another garment, it worked nicely.

Four weeks later, the designers returned to New York where they worked to put the finishing touches on three of their twelve looks. These three looks would go before the judges in a mini-collection runway show. And then the judges would decide which three of the four designers were strong enough to move on to compete during the Mercedes Benz fashion week show.

The day after they arrived in New York, the designers were in the workroom deciding which three pieces they would show the judges. Michelle and Daniel had finish work to do to their garments however, Stanley and Patricia had a lot of work left. But that wasn’t a problem. This is the team’s edition, so each designer was paired with a helper. Stanley was paired with Richard. Daniel was paired with Samantha. Michelle was paired with Amanda. And Patricia was paired with Layana…and she was expecting! Congrats, Layana!

As they worked, Tim came in to check on their progress. He questioned the hardware on Michelle’s jacket but when she striped it down and showed the versatility of it, he said to load it up and go for it. He told Stanley he was concerned about his proportions and lack of skin showing but Stanley ignored him and decided to go with what he had chosen anyway.

Patricia was planning to show a hand-painted, blue, and white checked leather shirt paired with black shorts but Tim said it looked like something a lumberjack would wear and suggested she go with something else. And Tim thought Daniel was playing it safe planning to show all black pieces. Oh no…what happened to all those pops of color, Daniel?

Later, that evening the models came in for a fitting. Both Daniel and Michelle had issues with their garments being too small. Oops! And Layana told Samantha she was concerned about Patricia’s choices. But it was too late now; time was up for the night.

The next day, it was a mad dash to finish and before they knew it, it was runway time.

After the show, the judges critiqued their designs. Michelle was up first. Heidi said there was a lot going on and she liked it but it needed a pop of color. Zac said it was as if she had created her own universe and liked that it went from casual to dressy. Nina liked her quilted pants but she didn’t like Michelle’s choice of hair and makeup and said the use of multiple bags on the coat was tricky. She suggested she reduce it to one.

Zac told Daniel that he appreciated the challenge of him using stingray in his designs but said he had seen one of the dresses before and that these three looks didn’t feel sophisticated. Nina said the jacket and dress were nicely made but she was worried that there wasn’t any color or enough shape to the garments. And Heidi said she was underwhelmed. The looks were too tame and not interesting enough.

Heidi questioned the cohesion in Patricia’s garments but said her favorite piece was the horsehair jacket. Zac compared her blue dress and headpiece to a Tina Turner Smurf but said he liked the wig and the movement. Nina disagreed saying her designs were all over the place and that the headpiece was too much.

Heidi told Stanley it looked like he didn’t have enough ideas and asked, “Where is the wow?” Zac said the proportions were off and the looks were dated. Maybe he should have listened to Tim! Nina thought the looks were cohesive but said he needed to inject some sexiness to make the designs more modern and that he needed to lose the panels on his gold dress because they made the model look wide.

The designers were asked to leave the runway while the judges made their decision. Then they were called back out to hear the verdict. Heidi told Michelle she was in and told her to watch her styling before dismissing her from the runway. Then Heidi told Patricia she was in but reminded her to think of cohesion because they didn’t want to see a circus.

That left Stanley and Daniel in the bottom two. Heidi said they had similar problems, their clothes didn’t have a point of view, and the style was dated. She told Daniel his all black collection was okay but just wasn’t special. Then she told Stanley his garments were well made but they were old-fashioned and bored the judges.

In the end, Heidi told Stanley he was in. And told Daniel he was out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you surprised that Daniel was sent home? And who do you think is going to win? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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