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Wife Swap Recap: Food Versus Fitness

April 19, 2013 04:52 AM by Megan Thompson


Wife Swap is all new tonight on ABC. A fitness fanatic swaps places with an Italian momma who likes to feed her family.  Will these families clash when it comes to food?

“I run a really tight ship here,” Carol tells the cameras.  Carol likes to keep both her body and her house tidy. This Southern California mom is obsessed with her weight, as well as her kid’s weight.  It seems that Carole wasn’t always fit, she grew up fat and was teased for that.  “The day she was born she had cellulite.  We have to monitor Sophia on her eating so she doesn’t end up being a fat kid,” Carol tells the cameras about her daughter.  Did she just say that?  Yep  – she did!

Who is the polar opposite of Carol?  An Italian mother who loves to feed her family and pamper her grown boys. Yes, Marie is a New Jersey mother of four who likes Italian food and loves to feed her family.  Their business, a pizza parlor, was destroyed by the hurricane that hit New Jersey. 

The wives kiss their families goodbye and head out on their journey.  “Oh, hell no!” Carol says about the way Marie keeps her house.  Then she goes into the cupboard and slaps all the unhealthy food and yells “fat, fat, fat!”  While Carol is destroying Marie’s food, Marie is in Southern California and is flipping through the hundreds of fitness DVDs.  She realizes there will be a lot of workouts in her future.

It’s the first night with the new families and it’s all about the food.  The table at the Italian household is filled with pasta, meatballs, sausage – basically anything Italian.  Let’s just say it’s far from a low-carb meal.  This is where Carol explains to the DiBella family that she lost 80 pounds, but will follow the rules this week.  Whatever – you know she has just been dying to eat a bowl of pasta! It’s the total opposite dining experience for Marie, as she must follow the rules and stand during dinner.  Did you know standing while eating dinner burns calories?  That’s what Carol thinks, so she never sits down. 

Marie starts her first morning of the swap with one of Carol’s fitness DVDs.  After 10 minutes, Marie says it’s too high impact and sits down.  Next up Marie has to pack the LaRosh girls their lunches for school.  According to Carol’s rules, she must meticulously count out the amount of pretzels that go in the girls’ lunches.  Back in New Jersey, Carol is left picking up after the grown children.  Carol just can’t understand why this family doesn’t come up with a plan B  for their career, since their restaurant is currently shut down.  She thinks the DiBella family lacks motivation.   

A couple days into the swap, Marie has to sit down with Larry to talk about the weight issues in the house.  Sophia is always referred to as “chunky” and Marie is worried about the girls developing an eating disorder.  Let’s’ just say the Dad didn’t want to take advice from someone who is overweight. Back in New Jersey, Carol is confronting the family about their eating habits.  She even asks the 8 year old if she is afraid all the food will catch up to her.  Luckily, her dad steps in and explains she is too young for that conversation. “If I ate like this all the time, I would be 400 pounds,” Carol tells the family. 

It’s rule change time! Carol explains that the house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom.  She also tells the family they are doing  significant damage to their bodies with food,  so she implements a morning boot camp.  But it’s not all bad, Carol wants the boys to go to culinary school.  In California, Marie’s first rule is to remove the chore board.  She also wants to spend more time with the girls, so she plans a mother and daughter outing and family dinners.

Marie is showing Carol’s daughter how to make a good Italian meal.  The whole family sits down to eat and they are loving the food. The board might be gone in San Diego, but Carol has re-created her board in New Jersey.  While the New Jersey family is cleaning, Marie takes time to enjoy the girls.  The girls love the spa day and tea that Marie has set up for them. 

It’s the first day of Carol’s boot camp and the older boys aren’t happy.  It’s like an episode of The Biggest Loser, with Carol playing Jillian. Carol has the whole family step on the scale and find out their BMI.  It’s a wake-up call for the family about how much weight they really need to lose.

The swap is over and the couples meet up to discuss their experience.  Carol starts off by saying that Marie coddles her children too much.  But Marie gets mad when she hears that Carol called her family the “fat family.”  She even tells Carol she thinks she is giving her girls eating disorders.  Then Carol gets upset when Marie tells her she doesn’t spend enough time with her girls. But in the end they all learned something and hug it out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Is Carol putting her own food issues onto her children?  Let us know what you think, leave a comment below.

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One Response to “Wife Swap Recap: Food Versus Fitness”

  1. Tina Says:
    April 29th, 2013 at 8:59 am

    Watched the series and cringed at Carol’s angry and cruel manner toward this loving family. Shes clearly oblivious to the hate she’s spewing. Shes got issues. Yes they could use a wake up call on their weight, food choices and health but it was Carol’s own damaged soul that was so hurtful. I was amazed the husband was able to hear her with her angry attitude and bittling remarks. Good for him.


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