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The Amazing Race Recap: Brought To You By The Letter A

April 21, 2013 08:31 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Chuck and Wynona are out (thank God) which leaves us with just five teams remaining on The Amazing Race. Where did the time go? Tonight, the racers head to Berlin for some more crazy shenanigans.

The racers are all cozy at a ski lodge in Switzerland, but now they have to depart for Dresden, Germany. Once again, Bates and Anthony are the first to head out. Caroline and Jennifer confess that the two guys are their “race boyfriend” and that they’re looking forward to sharing the final two spots. Problem is, the gals start this leg in 4th place. Although, as we’ve learned, placements at the beginning of the leg can change pretty quickly. And that proves once again the case as everyone ends up on the same train and thus, on an even playing field.

Everyone takes the chance to catch a little shut-eye on the train, but unfortunately, during this time, Bates’ bag is stolen! Fortunately, Bates was smart and kept his passport on him, so while he’s missing a few helpful items, he has the most essential one near and dear. When these little incidents occur, I like to think that they were not the work of fellow racers, but who knows?

Upon departing the train, everyone hops in ford Fusions and heads for the next clue. But before they can receive that clue, they must answer three questions related to both United States and world history. Max and Katie are the first to come up with the answers, so they grab their clue and begin the 100-mile drive to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. Another clue tells them to keep driving right on past the gate and over to a local hotel. They must base jump from the roof of the hotel to the ground below in order to receive the next clue. If Wynona had managed to stay in, we’d be in for a load of complaining right now.

Following their successful base jumps, the racers learn that they have a Detour awaiting. This one is Train Trials vs Font Follies. In Train Trials, the teams have to lay down train tracks and then make sure that a train actually stays on them. Font Follies involves picking up huge letters and delivering them to a museum without causing any damage. It feels a little bit like Sesame Street here and I expect the letters to suddenly start singing and dancing. Max and Katie decide to do the Font Follies challenge and blast through it like the champs they’ll likely be in this leg of the race. Joey and Meghan are not far behind, for, having chosen Train Trials, they discover that laying down tracks is a lot of fun! Unfortunately, actually getting the train around those tracks winds up being a little harder than they expected.

The country singer and hockey player alliance joins up once again, this time to complete Font Follies. But they have some trouble finding the museum, as it is inconveniently located within a huge mall. During the hunt, one of Bates and Anthony’s letters shatters, so they are forced to begin the challenge again.

Max and Katie make it to the Salon Zur Bar for their next challenge. They must determine the origin of a famous quote and then wind their way through a labyrinth until they find a white room. But this is one trippy labyrinth with lights flashing all over the place. Katie chooses to complete the challenge, despite her fear that someone will jump out at her in the dark.  Joey, on the other hand, loves the labyrinth and wishes he’d encounter challenges like this more often on The Amazing Race. As I predicted, Max and Katie finish first, but Meghan, Joey, Caroline and Jennifer are not far behind.

Despite switching to Train Trials, Bates and Anthony manage to catch up with Mona and Beth at the labyrinth. They help each other out, which I think is pretty cool. But then, on the way to the pit stop, the hockey players manage to overtake the roller derby moms, leaving them at risk of elimination. They’re in luck though, for this is a non-elimination leg! Stay tuned for another elimination next week!

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2 Responses to “The Amazing Race Recap: Brought To You By The Letter A”

  1. jb44 Says:
    April 22nd, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    When they departed the train, the camera panned to Bate’s bag which had been moved to the overhead compartment. It appears his bag was not stolen, just moved.

  2. Mark Says:
    April 28th, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Two weeks ago Chuck and Wynona were disqualified because they rolled cheese wheels down a hill instead of using a sled as stated in the rules.
    Why weren’t the hockey brothers disqualified for carrying the whiskey barrels when the rule said to roll them?


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