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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Family Night Disaster

April 23, 2013 06:37 PM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen, we saw the remaining 14 chefs duke it out for a chance to stay in the competition another week and inch their way toward winning the grand prize of head chef at  Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill at Caesar’s Palace. Who held on for another week? And who was sent home? Take the jump to find out.

Team Challenge

This week, the teams were faced with a farm fresh challenge. Each member of the red and blue teams had to choose a form of protein from a pen of live animals that included ducks, goats, sheep, pigs, and turkeys, they would cook during the challenge. But they had to do more than just choose a protein; they had to catch it, and put it in a pen matching their desired starch! Most of the chefs were up for the challenge, all except Nedra, that is. She was terrified of the animals and ran screaming from them. But finally, she got it together enough to tackle a poor turkey… too funny!

Back in the kitchen, the chefs cooked their dishes and presented them to chef Ramsay and guest judge, chef Jon Shook. The red team won the challenge and received a VIP trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific where they enjoyed a day of feeding penguins and swimming with the fish. While the losers, the blue team, were left to clean and feed the animals for the Hell’s Kitchen petting zoo.

Dinner Service

For dinner service, it was family night in Hell’s Kitchen. And chef Ramsay’s family was there too. Watch out! Along with the classic menu, the chefs had to prepare a kid’s menu consisting of pizza, burgers, and chicken fingers. And there was trouble straight out of the gate. Dan sent up a burnt pizza while Jacqueline held up an entire ticket with overcooked scallops.

But both teams pulled it together and bounced back…until it was time to serve Gordon’s family. Ray sent up a cold burger that was intended for Gordon’s son and needless to say, the error brought the blue kitchen to a halt.

Meanwhile, the red kitchen completed their appetizers and moved on to entrees. And they were a hit among diners including real housewife, Gretchen Rossi. Meanwhile, Barret struggled on the meat station sending up raw lamb.

After the women finished their tickets, Gordon told them to jump in the blue kitchen and help the guys but they didn’t want the women’s help. However, after Barret sent up raw chicken, which just so happened to be for chef James’ pregnant wife, the blue team didn’t have any choice but to let the red team take over.

After the dinner service was over, Gordon told the guys they were “getting killed by the women.” Surprise, surprise, the blue team loses again. Chef Ramsay told them to nominate the two weakest chefs for elimination. They decided Barret should go up for sending raw chicken and Dan should go up mostly because nobody likes him.

At the elimination, Dan told chef Ramsay he should stay in Hell’s Kitchen because he can cook, while Barret said he should stay because he thought he was getting stronger. Gordon didn’t agree. In fact, he thought Barret was going backwards.

So who went home? Dear old Dan! Chef Ramsay said he was becoming a bit of an outcast among his team but no matter what they had to work together.

Chef Ramsay ended the night by reminding the blue team they had only won one dinner service out of six and one challenge out of six. Then he told them if he didn’t see improvement, he would start eliminating more than one chef at a time. Watch out boys!

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen? Were you shocked that Dan was sent home? And were you glad to see him go? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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