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American Idol Recap: Top Four Performances Knock The Voice Reason Into Nicki Minaj

April 24, 2013 07:20 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on American Idol, the ladies gave us their best diva songs, which left Janelle Arthur hitting the road. Tonight, the top four ladies were back, and some of them proved they were “in it to win it,” while others clearly did not. And since when did Nicki Minaj become the voice of reason?

American Idol‘s top four gals were back tonight with two performances each. But first, we watched as the girls visited a children’s hospital, it was sweet to see.

Amber Holcomb gave us a powerful rendition of The Power Of Love by Celine Dion. Amber blew it out of the park, and the judges gave her a standing ovation. Keith pointed out that it was the perfect choice, while Mariah loved that Amber took the song and made it into something 2013. Nicki Minaj compared Amber to a “sexy glass of milk,” referring to how gorgeous Amber looked in her wardrobe.

For her second performance, Amber gave us her version of Donna Summer’s Macarthur Park. It was a fun performance, and Keith felt that Amber was dominating the night. Where did this Amber come from? Uh oh, Amber is also “in it to win it,” as Randy reveals that he would sign her right now.

Candice Glover was next with her version of Drake’s Find Your Love. Candice’s vocals were incredible as usual – is there anything this girl can’t sing? Randy and Nicki seemed to agree that Candice’s vocals were spot on, but they were hoping she would have referred to the melody a little more. However, Mariah advised Candice to not stop trying to sing whatever she wanted to.

Candice gave us Emotion tonight by the Bee Gees for her second tune. It was another stellar performance, and Candice brought a classic song back to the here and now. Nicki Minaj admitted that she was even grooving to it along with Candice. And somehow, Mariah was able to figure out that Candice was also singing with a cold this week, wow!

And then there was Jimmy Iovine getting critiqued by the judges. Not kidding, it turned into a dispute with Nicki about song choices, but Jimmy was certain Minaj has a crush on him. Run, Jimmy, run!

Up next was Kree Harrison with It Hurts So Bad by Susan Tedeschi, and while it was beautiful vocally, it seemed as though it was not the best song choice for her. Randy Jackson was not loving it, and expected more from Kree at this point, while Keith mentioned that he needed to see more emotion from her. The ladies, wait, who really cares what they thought? Okay, okay, Nicki Minaj was actually spot on when she told Kree that it was not a top four performance, and that she refused to “blow smoke up her arse.”

A Whiter Shade Of Pale was Kree’s second song of the evening. Can you say boring as heck? Mariah and Randy loved it, explaining that Kree redeemed herself. Keith did not agree, he did not “love” it, and once again, Nicki was the voice of reason – what’s going on with her this week? Minaj was certain that the song was not enough to keep Kree in the competition. Thank you for being the complete voice of reason tonight, Nicki.

Angie Miller tackled Jessie J’s Who You Are on the piano tonight – at least she is taking the judges advice. It was a powerful performance that earned Angie a standing ovation, from everyone but Mariah. No, not because she was being rude, but because her dress train got stuck on the chair. Nicki Minaj said it best when she said that “no one compares to you on the piano.” Do I need to even share Randy’s thoughts? “She’s in to win it.” Enough said.

For Angie’s second performance she took on Cry Me A River by Julie London. It was beautiful and powerful. Once again, Angie did not disappoint tonight! “You came out tonight to snag some wigs off heads tonight,” Nicki gushed, claiming tonight was Angie’s night. Randy Jackson: “Angie won the night!” Best performance of the night!

We also saw a couple of duets tonight also as Kree Harrison and Amber Holcomb then tackled Adele’s Rumor Has It. Amber dominated it, Kree disappointed. Meanwhile, Candice Glover and Angie Miller performed a duet of Rihanna’s Stay, which was a much better duet than the first. Both girls brought it.

Who are you rooting for on American Idol? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear it! Comment below to share your thoughts with us.

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4 Responses to “American Idol Recap: Top Four Performances Knock The Voice Reason Into Nicki Minaj”

  1. Alex Says:
    April 24th, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    Nicki’s critiques were excellent tonight, with some exciting comments. When she stormed the stage I was about to pass out due to the enjoyment. I have to give it to Keith tonight as well, because he delivered some solid critiques. Kudos to Mariah for noticing Candice’s cold as well.

    This was a great night, with exceptional performances from Angie and Amber. Could we see Candice and Kree in the bottom 2? Straight up, I don’t think it matters, because I highly suspect that no one will be sent home on Thursday night. They didn’t utilize the save at all during the Top 10 till now, but they will utilize it defacto by telling everyone they are safe tomorrow. Ryan’s hint at the end of the show was not so subtle!

  2. Sue Says:
    April 24th, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    I hope they don’t use the save and Candace or Amber goes home. Angie is the one to beat! She sings, looks and performs like an Idol and she is the one who will be very successful. Vote Angie!

  3. The Jimmy Z Show Says:
    April 24th, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Nicki Minaj, I thought, was going to be a disaster for Idol. I couldn’t believe they’d picked her to be a judge last year, but now watching the show I have enjoyed her thoroughly. Her comments are literate, humorous, knowledgeable and always helpful and constructive. I have done a complete 180 on Ms. Minaj. She’s wickedly smart and she’s the best judge this year, by a mile.

  4. Warren Says:
    April 25th, 2013 at 7:46 am

    You notice there is no mention of any of the pathetic and gone male contestants. The judges are obviously embarrassed that any of them got through. Ultimately, the only thing that can zoom ratings back to where they once were would be the return of Simon (which, of course, would not happen) or a judge like Elton John or Paul McCartney. And they don’t need the money or the aggravation. Still, there isn’t a performer this year I simply can’t wait to hear sing. In all the years, there have been only two contestants I actually looked forward to every week. Catherine McPhee and Adam Lambert.


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