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Keyshawn-Bieber Confrontation Blamed On Reckless Driving

May 28, 2013 12:58 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Nobody seems to be very happy with Justin Bieber these days. The latest drama involving the onetime X Factor guest? A feud with professional football player Keyshawn Johnson. How did the Biebs manage to anger Keyshawn?

Justin Bieber has already managed to piss off a good portion of the music industry — including Jon Bon Jobi — but he’s not stopping there. Now, the singer is drawing anger from athletes such as Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson.

So, what happened, exactly? The details still are a bit murky, but according to TMZ, Keyshawn spotted J Biebs driving recklessly around the gated community Calabasas. Unhappy about the celeb’s dangerous behavior, Keyshawn proceeded to drop off his child before pursuing Justin in his Prius. After he used the Prius to block Justin’s Ferrari and prevent it from leaving the celeb’s driveway, Keyshawn got out and prepared to confront the Biebs…only to be abandoned by a clearly intimidated Justin Bieber.

Keyshawn Johnson never had the opportunity to actually talk with Justin, but we’re sure he was more than prepared to tell the singer off. And he’s not the only Calabasas resident unhappy about the Biebs’ driving habits. Later, fellow NFL star Eric Dickerson weighed in on the situation, tweeting, “I live in Calabasas too and @justinbieber needs to slow his ass down.”

Of course, there’s no response yet from Justin’s Twitter page. Instead of explaining the latest drama, Justin spent the morning dishing out the following advice to all the Beliebers: “Write down the things in your life that make u happy. Think about all your blessings. Be in a good place. Stay smiling.”

First Chris Brown, now Justin Bieber! Are there any celebs actually capable of controlling their vehicles?!

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Photo Credit: MTV

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One Response to “Keyshawn-Bieber Confrontation Blamed On Reckless Driving”

  1. melissa Says:
    May 28th, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Justin is getting out of control. Watch!! He is going to be another Lindsay or Amanda unless someone can get through to him. He thinks he is untouchable and can drive any way he sees fit to do so. And then to run in the house when you see Keyshawn pull up to confront your a@$. What a scared little b@#$% (Justin)


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