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Justin Bieber Apologizes To Bill Clinton For Mop Bucket Incident

July 12, 2013 06:08 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Justin Bieber’s behavior just keeps getting more and more erratic. And it’s not some twisted version of Punk’d — J Biebs did, in fact, pee in a bucket and then proceed to trash former president Bill Clinton. But the singer’s ready to make amends and get on the right track…maybe…

The Belieber’s role model isn’t an innocent little boy anymore, and he’s doing his best to prove it. Problem is, his behavior remains incredibly childish. A recently released video from TMZ proves just that, offering footage of the singer relieving himself in a mop bucket instead, you know, walking the mere twenty feet to the nearest restroom. And after he’s finished with his business, a defiant Bieber sprays blue cleaner fluid all over a photo of former president Bill Clinton while expressing his sentiments with a very eloquent f-bomb.

The release of this video is exactly what the Biebs does not need as he (or rather, his rep) attempts to put a number of negative publicity garnering incidents in his past. But if nothing else, Justin Bieber has clearly mastered the art of damage control. Sources say that he made a point of seeking out and apologizing to Bill Clinton for his poor behavior. The former president didn’t make a big deal of the incident, responding, “If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well.”

Justin also offered to make further amends through service to the Clinton Global Initiative. The response, while not necessarily an outright rejection, involved encouraging the celeb to focus on all the good he can do in the world. Now, let’s hope Justin Bieber actually heeds this valuable advice!

We also hope he apologized to the custodian — that can’t have been a fun mess to clean up!

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