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Ashton Kutcher Praises Steve Jobs As ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ Of Our Time

July 25, 2013 05:29 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Punk’d star Ashton Kutcher managed to land the role of Steve Jobs in the appropriately named Jobs movie, set for release in just a few weeks. The actor says he was ‘terrified’ to take on the role, but also incredibly inspired by the genius he was asked to portray.

He’s had the opportunity to meet a lot of influential figures over the years, but Ashton Kutcher feels he really missed out by not getting to know technological innovator Steve Jobs. As he explained to Jay Leno during a recent interview, Ashton actually had the opportunity to meet the character he would later play — but unfortunately, wound up not going through with it. And he certainly regrets that decision now! “In hindsight I look back and think I had the opportunity to meet the Leonardo da Vinci of our generation, and I missed it. That really affected my decision to take on the role.”

If he was given a second opportunity to meet up with Steve Jobs, Ashton says that he would thank the Apple founder for the “contribution he actually gave to society,” adding that, “all the relationships I have in my life are held together by glue that he laid down.” But since he will not be able to meet this influential figure, at least Ashton has been given the great honor of portraying him on film. He believes the role is best played by someone who greatly admires Steve Jobs and recognizes all the ways in which he changed our world for the better.

Jobs hits theaters on August 16th. Are you planning on catching the film? Feel free to share your plans in the comments section below!

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