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Snooki Offers In-Depth Analysis Of Amanda Bynes Fiasco

August 02, 2013 08:46 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

We already know that Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of troubled celeb Amanda Bynes, but now, it looks like Snooki is ready to join the club! What does the Jersey Shore star have to say about Amanda’s latest round of drama?

From Nick Cannon to Kris Jenner, everyone is busy weighing in on Amanda Bynes and her continued downward spiral. But while Nick and Kris have offered their sincere wishes for Amanda’s recovery, Snooki is busy defending the celeb and encouraging her to act in whatever manner she sees fit — even if that behavior draws the media’s ire.

In a YouTube video recently posted to Twitter, Snooki explained her admiration for Amanda Bynes, pointing out that, although she’s “off her rocker,” Amanda also happens to be “comfortable with herself right now.” As such, Snooki felt that it was not her place to be judgmental if, say, “she wants to walk around with a towel on her head.” The reality star said that, as long as Amanda isn’t hurting anyone, she has every right to “do weird things.”

Unfortunately, Amanda’s actions aren’t always entirely innocent. She’s suspected to have set fire to a woman’s driveway, not to mention her dangerous habit of driving while intoxicated. So, yes, as Snooki alleges, Amanda’s decision to walk around with a towel on her head or post revealing pictures on Twitter is really none of the public’s business, but when she harms others…well, it’s no surprise that she’s going to attract media scrutiny.

Check out Snooki’s full analysis of Amanda Bynes’ breakdown and then share your reaction in the comments section below!

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