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Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Headed Back To Jail

August 12, 2013 04:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Surprise, surprise…it looks like Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is once again headed for the clinker. This time, the charges include possession of a variety of drugs, including heroin and Percoset. Will the reality star ever change her ways?

You almost have to feel bad for Jenelle Evans. The latest allegations against the celeb once again involve what appears to be heavy drug use, thus indicating that the star has a really serious problem on her hands. But the second you start to feel a little sympathy for a clearly troubled woman, she goes and gets herself involved in more Twitter drama or in some other way manages to make it look like all she really wants is a little attention.

Still, the details of Jenelle Evans’ latest issues with the law might elicit some sympathy from her surprisingly large fan base.  The Teen Mom star must have thought she was in the clear after negotiating a plea deal, for she clearly was back to using based on the results of a spontaneous drug test. This test in order to determine whether Jenelle was abiding by the terms of her previous sentencing. But as Jenelle’s attorney explained to Radar Online, she clearly wasn’t, as “The judge gave her 48 hours in jail for testing positive.” The celeb later  ”pleaded to possession of drug paraphernalia and all the other charges were dismissed.”

Estranged husband Courtland Rogers stopped by the courthouse to see Jenelle’s trial, but ultimately found himself too disgusted to stay for its entirety. Following his departure, Courtland tweeted, “I had to leave before I heard them tell her !!! I know she will walk out of there for a fact with a smile on her face.”

Looks like he was correct! Do you think Jenelle deserves harsher sentencing? Or would some time spent in rehab be more appropriate? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Photo credit: Jenelle Evans Twitter


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