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Harry Connick Jr. In Negotiations To Join American Idol Judging Panel

August 29, 2013 09:49 AM by Lisa Princ

We recently learned that Jennifer Lopez would be coming back to the American Idol judging panel alongside Keith Urban, but there is still one empty chair that needs to be filled. Now, rumor has it that the show is in negotiations with Harry Connick Jr. to take the final spot on the panel!

Harry Connick Jr. is certainly no stranger to American Idol, as the Country crooner has made many appearances on the series as a guest mentor in the past, and viewers seem to love him. Would he be a good fit for the panel, though? We think so, and new reports claim that Connick Jr. is actually negotiating a deal right now for the final seat.

According to E! Online, Harry Connick Jr. may be the third judge for the new season, as he is reportedly the show’s top interest for the spot. Harry has been a guest judge in the past on the show, and he loved every second of it. After appearing on the show in the past, Connick Jr. also revealed that he has been approached about a spot on the panel numerous times. “It’s a fun show. It’s been talked about before, who knows what’ll happen in the future,” Harry told during season 12.

As for what he would bring to the panel, Connick Jr. went on to add: “I think you need to be completely honest, and I think you need to be diplomatic. I think there’s no reason to be mean, but it is called being a judge. You have to judge. That’s what you do.”

No official confirmation has been made yet on any of the judges except for Keith Urban. Ryan Seacrest said recently that an announcement will be made soon.

Do you think Harry Connick Jr. would be a good fit for the Idol panel? Comment below to share your thoughts with us.

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3 Responses to “Harry Connick Jr. In Negotiations To Join American Idol Judging Panel”

  1. Joe Says:
    August 29th, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Jlo hasn’t been confirmed as an Idol judge, Fox chairman Kevin Reilly has only confirmed that Keith Urban as an Idol judge, it’s JLo and her management are the ones that are keeping this rumor alive, sources are saying they don’t want Jlo, they already had her on season 10 & 11, and had the worst TV ratings in Idol history, that’s why they were replace with Mariah & Nicki for season 12, there are still looking for judges for Idol 13, Jlo is what Idol doesn’t want, someone with a big bag of bad publicity (performing to Dictators for years for millions), and someone that’s going to use the show to self-promote herself, in her music and movies or anything she doing at the moment, if you really wanted her, they would already have confirmed her weeks ago? The other music show “The Voice” also shut down Jlo?

  2. Moeke Says:
    August 29th, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    If Jlo comes back we’ll never watch again. She was the worst judge and oh so jeaulous of pretty contestants, it was painful to watch her. Keith Urban was very good and Harry Connick Junior will be an asset, bring Nicky back she was a good and entertaining judge!

  3. annie feckler Says:
    September 1st, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Harry Connick would be a good choice as he is popular and knows his music. I am too old to be a valued viewer but I would like him. I lost interest in the show last year when it was pushing girls and teenage girl interests. Maybe a lot of us “older viewers” stopped watching and caused some of the ratings drop.
    I thought Nikki was way too much and ruined the judging for everyone else who might have had useful critiques but she hogged the lights.
    JLo wasn’t bad as she likewise knew music and performing and seemed to fill Paula’s spot as the kind one who if she said a criticism, you must have been really bad.
    There is no need to have drama and big personalities as judges. Three are plenty. Let the songs go longer. Concentrate on the singers and get good contestants. Stop worrying about balancing girls and boys. Get a variety of performers who are the best of the bunch.


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