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Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Music Video Features Plenty Of Nudity

September 10, 2013 05:41 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

As if we hadn’t already seen enough of Miley Cyrus in super skimpy outfits, now we’re being subjected to complete nudity from the American Idol mentor. At least this time, viewers should know what to expect when they choose to view the singer’s latest music video, as opposed to being taken by surprise VMA style.

Okay, okay, Miley, we get it — you’re no longer a Disney teenager! No need to go flaunting your lady bits all over town. But the critics are not about to stop the young celeb from baring it all. The latest incidence of Miley nudity takes place in the new music video for Wrecking Ball. This video is decidedly different from We Can’t Stop — for one, it doesn’t hit viewers over the head with constant marijuana references. But the two music videos share a basic controversial element that easily accomplishes Miley’s number one goal: get people talking.

Of course, controversy was a given the moment Miley hired Terry Richardson to direct Wrecking Ball. Known for pushing the boundaries, this fashion photographer was certainly not going to let up just for the sake of a Miley Cyrus music video. Granted, much of the video is tame, at least by Miley standards. She sheds a few tears, surrounded by cinder blocks. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, the celeb is sitting buck naked on a rather grimey wrecking ball. Really, Miley, is the nudity necessary?

As one YouTube user comments, it’s really a shame, as the song isn’t half bad…its effect is simply destroyed by the video. But that’s what happens when you’re hell-bent on garnering publicity.

Still have yet to witness Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video? We have it posted below — view at your own risk! When you’re done, be sure to share your reaction in the comments section!

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Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram

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