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Big Brother Spoiler: A Change Of Plans?

September 17, 2013 12:30 PM by Lisa Princ

The Big Brother finale countdown continues, and this week we watched as GinaMarie won the first round of the battle for HoH, and the feeds let us know who won the second round. Now, if you’ve been keeping up on our posts, then surely you know what the house guests have planned thus far. However, it seems as though some may be changing their minds. Uh oh….

This week on Big Brother, GinaMarie won the first round of the HoH competition for the finale, and we then learned that Andy won the second round. This means that Andy and GinaMarie will face off for the final HoH spot. We also heard both of them vow (twice) to take the other one to the final two if they win. But while they were both laughing about Spencer’s strategy to try and convince them both that they would better off by taking him, it seems as though one of them is considering it.

GinaMarie has told Andy that she will take him to the final two if she wins, which could actually be a beneficial to her since he has betrayed so many people, she could easily win. However, GinaMarie was also snagged telling Spencer she would take him the finals as well, which could benefit her also considering her relationships with the former house guests. But then there is also the chance that taking Spencer could backfire on her.

It’s still up in the air as to who will win, but we’ve got to ask: If GinaMarie wins, would she be better off taking Andy or Spencer to the final two?

Who do you think should win Big Brother? We know you have an opinion and we’d love to hear it, so feel free to share your best Big Brother predictions in the comment section below!

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One Response to “Big Brother Spoiler: A Change Of Plans?”

  1. donna raider Says:
    September 18th, 2013 at 7:24 am

    Hands down GinaMarie. When she was should I say brave enough or smart enough to get rid of Amanda and then McCray I felt this was the best move all summer. Had Amanda stayed in control the remaining three house guest would be different.At least that’s what I think. Andy,is not a good person. The things and people he talks about. My my, he would talk about anyone if he thought that would help him. I don’t just mean the game. Spencer,seems to be a good person. But I didn’t see him do anything outstanding. He played smart, but GinaMarie she made the earth shake.lol


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