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Survivor’s Jeff Probst Explains His Last Name Methodology

September 19, 2013 12:27 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Did you catch the premiere of Survivor the other night? You might have noticed that host Jeff Probst referred to former NFL star Brad Culpepper by his last name. Typically, this distinction arrives only after contestants have proven themselves worthy, or, in Cochran’s case, demanded a name change. What gives?

If you think back to the best and brightest contestants on Survivor, you may recall that Jeff Probst made a point of sticking with their surnames.Survivor: Caramoan winner John Cochran certainly understood the importance of the last name designation, as he demanded that the show’s host refer to him as Cochran and definitely not John. Did this move secure the reality star’s win? It might not have been the only factor in play, but it certainly proved instrumental in establishing rivals’ respect.

Based on Cochran’s story, we figured there must be a reason why Jeff Probst insisted on calling this season’s token athlete Culpepper and not Brad. Turns out, not every decision is made with manipulation in mind. The host later told Entertainment Weekly, “It was just instinct that because he played in the NFL I figured most people knew him as ‘Culpepper.’ I didn’t really give it a second thought.”

So, no, this christening was not intentional. But Jeff acknowledges that it could play some part in contestants’ future interactions, admitting, “You have to ‘earn’ the last name distinction.”

Will Culpepper’s name have any impact on this season’s results? Or are we putting way too much thought into an essentially meaningless naming ritual? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below!

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