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Kanye West Once Again Goes Off On Paparazzi

September 27, 2013 01:44 PM by Suzy Kerr

It’s Kanye vs. the paps once again! TMZ is reporting that Kanye West was chilling innocently at his own home (perfectly legal), when he and his baby mama and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian stepped out at 4 a.m. to head to the airport. While they were walking to Kanye’s car, the paparazzi appeared out of nowhere on Kanye’s property (perfectly illegal) and began taking pictures and asking questions about his feud with Jimmy Kimmel.  That’s when ‘Ye was like, “Awwwww, hell nah!” and went (almost) thermonuclear on the photogs.

This time, Kanye’s actions were completely justified.  Not only were the paparazzi being super annoying as usual, they were also trespassing. Uh oh.That kind of stuff doesn’t fly at the West house. The only cameras allowed (sometimes) are the Keeping Up With the Kardashians ones, and Kanye has a history of run-ins with photographers. Kanye dropped the f-bomb and lunged at the paps, but it doesn’t look like any physical contact was made. It’s a good thing Kanye showed a little restraint too, since he’s already embroiled in a lawsuit after being charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for an altercation that occurred with a photographer back in July.

So was it just the trespassing that irked Kanye so much? Perhaps not, since the paps were questioning him relentlessly about his ongoing feud with Jimmy Kimmel.  If you haven’t heard, ‘Ye’s pissed at Kimmel for mocking his recent BBC 1 interview, in which he declared himself to be the number rock star on the planet. Like most other normal people, Kanye took his hurt feelings to Twiter to dis Kimmel publicly, unleashing the rant to end all rants. Some of the gems from this epic tirade included “Sarah Silverman is a thousand times funnier than you and the whole world knows it!!!”  and “Should I do a spoof about your face or you f**king Ben Affleck….#NoDisrespectoBenAffleck #AllDisrespecttoJimmeyKimmel.” Ooh, BURN with those hashtags!

Why can’t the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameras be rolling on this guy 24/7?

So what are your thoughts on the latest Kanye West escapade?  Was he out of line or did the paparazzi have it coming?

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Photo Credit: E!

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